Accessories for public toilet Keuco Plan

                                    Accessories for public toilet Keuco Plan
  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 18.04 MB
  • 2019.10.31 19:29
  • Modern
  • keuco, plan, public toilet, nameplate, dispenser, liquid soap dispenser, towels, basket, trash bucket, brush, a bathroom
  • Accessories for public toilet Keuco Plan

    In the set: - plates on the door (art. 14966, 14967, 14968, 14971) - foam dispenser (art. 14956) - paper towel dispenser (art. 14985) - waste basket (art. 14988) - holder of toilet paper (art. 14969) - brush for the toilet (art. 14964) - a bucket for garbage (art. 14977)

    Materials: - Chrome plated - Stainless steel finish - Aluminum silver anodized

    The models are signed, the name indicates the manufacturer’s article.

    Link: https://www.keuco.com 


    The turbosmooth modifier was applied to the model with a value of 2 iterations during rendering.

    The vray and corona materials are configured using the Falloff map. If you use the FBX file, replace the materials from the mat library file.

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this is what I understand the designed past model))) with all the links, names and articles) thanks))