• 2bic year ago
    Hello, I am very interested in the legal side of using Affresco images in your projects and in particular, how legally should you share the interiors with their panels in the public domain? According to the information from their copyright page, any content from their site costs 75,000 rubles, whether it is an article, an image or a web icon. This is their public offer, pay 75,000 and benefit. Maybe I misunderstand something, but it turns out that it’s absolutely impossible to use their images without getting their written consent.

    Who is more knowledgeable in this matter, do not skimp on the words, paint as follows.
    • toxych year ago
      Here is a link to my visualization in their instagram, and there are a lot of other people's work there.https://instagram.com/p/Brak2qLFGHa/ 
      They did not make any claims to me, and this is not logical, because it can be said about advertising for them. It’s another thing if we, designers and visualizers used affresco images for their intended purpose, it would really be a theft.
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Affresco / Exclusive part 1 / AB309pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 15 MB
Date: 2018.10.08 17:55
Style: Ethnic
Material: Paper

Affresco panel Catalog: Exclusive part 1 Name: AB309 Texture resolution: 2000x2000 Manufacturer Website: http://affresco.ru