• erjay year ago
    the model is great, but it seems to me more about Back in the USA)
    • Alef year ago
      yeah, only with a stretch can you draw the associative row "USSR-CPSU-Communist Party of Italy ..."
    • nitrogen092 year ago
      Not only you think so - they have excluded a model from the competition.
  • zilfoaga year ago
    so nice
  • syam sasi year ago
    Please help me how can i download this model. I am pay the cash for this model but i could't find the download link. what i can do my cash is already gone. please help.
  • syam sasi year ago
    Deleted comment
  • syam sasi year ago
    Marus Holding LTD Invoice #138792368

    03 Feb 2019

    Bill To
    syam kallingapuram
    Villa 53
    dubai 37517
    United Arab Emirates

    Ship To
    syam kallingapuram
    Villa 53
    dubai 37517
    United Arab Emirates

    Supplier Product ID Product Quantity Total
    Marus Holding LTD 916514 Payment for the order N 4667DEB8D 1 70.12 AED
    Sub-Total 70.12 AED
    Payment Received (03 Feb 2019) -70.12 AED
    Balance 0.00 AED
  • wquiceno10 7 months ago
    Hello! Nice model.
    Im trying to buy it, but the platform sends me an error. What can i do?
    • becki 7 months ago
      Thank!!! Try again, or turn to the site Administrators!
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Ape_piaggio (vespa)pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 86 MB
Date: 2018.12.20 23:16
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Metal

Ape_piaggio (Vespa) __ corona smoothing Modifier is required