• Yurek.Engineer 3 years ago
  • skyland_studios_buyer 2 years ago
    Http://joxi.ru/xAeEnGKSYgXvjA glitches in the model
    • Donnerjack 2 years ago
      Indeed, this disk zaglyuchilo .... but next to exactly-takoyzhe and he's fine! What prevents you from copying and scaling it? Well, at the expense of the glow I have in my description to the model written: Object at 0.0.0, clean and light scene.
      In general, spreading light sources in models is a mauve ton. And by the way! On the preview only a variant of registration with additional lighting, there is no backlight on the products.
  • monah62rus year ago
    Here from here there is a link to your object but it is absolutely not likehttp://loft-concept.ru/catalog/art_obekty_na_stenu/art_obekt_apollo_gold_wall_plaque_disc/.  How to understand this?
  • MARTINDESIGN 3 weeks ago
    Is there a normal grid? Money thrown away
    • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
      strange, well, others are happy. How much is 180 rubles? Well, do it with a normal grid for 180 yourself. Have you agreed? Or is the time you save cost you money?
      • MARTINDESIGN 3 weeks ago
        I did not save. I needed this model for production in order to understand how to make it better. Since some smart guy put your model in the interior for visualization.
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    ... heh, well, a model for production. And put it here.
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    here it is written somewhere that the model for the CNC? Enough for visualization, the rest is your personal problems, do not bother people:
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    Buy the real one - see how it's done. Do It. I do not understand how you can be unhappy? It’s just that you have to do your work and don’t have to negatively evaluate what was done to visualize the projects. For CNC - there are other sites. Or do it yourself.
    • MARTINDESIGN 3 weeks ago
      Come on, you won’t be joking around here. Your model is shit. I was not going to use it for CNC. I just wanted to see, because searching for this thing gives out only links to the trader, sky and here. not sold at the same time .. And there is a fucking scan or envelope. Even the texture did not align in perspective). And snap back.
      And as they wrote above, half of those poop circles are glucanulo. Will you tell me to do it yourself?
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    Fi, all shit except urine. Apparently hurt then about work? It seems to me your life is not urine, but how you evaluate the work of others.
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    The model is made and sold in order to make pictures with it. Like my preview. On the preview layout option. Textures such as scanned from a catalog. Perhaps I should reload the model so that it is glitch-free. I consider - that I am handsome. And the fact that "it is not for sale, someone put in the project" is already a special case. And please don’t need to push everything around, if you wanted to make easy money and failed.
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    I will reload the archive with the model - when such a function is available.
  • Donnerjack 3 weeks ago
    ... today opened in 3dsMax 2016 - THE MODEL OPENS WITHOUT GLUKS. Added 2 previews, just screenshots from the viewport, and texture previews. So that there are no questions left.
    Buy if you write something in a personal ... but I think everything is clear here.
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