Ash sideboard

                                    Ash sideboard
  • 3dsMax 2015 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 12.29 MB
  • 2019.07.12 14:01
  • Modern
  • sideboard, drawer, ash, wood sideboard, chest of drawers, nightstand
  • The design is stable and thought out to the smallest detail. You can use it as a stand for decorative elements.

    The decision of any interior is made.

    The archive contains maps, Corona and Vray max file, obj file.

    stacks are open Turbosmooth: iterations-0, render iterations-1 OBJ without smoothing.

    Dimension Lenghth: 1685 mm Width: 470 mm Height: 710 mm

    The number of polygons and vertices Polygons: 20,425 Vertices: 20,546

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