• alonindark 4 months ago
  • ewert 4 months ago
    Perfect model !
  • leila.at 4 months ago
  • yjinbs 4 months ago
    The geometry is cool. Strange mats
  • kolja 1985 4 months ago
  • Milad RY 4 months ago
  • milir9999 4 months ago
  • jahangraph 4 months ago
  • c3dm 4 months ago
    Gorgeous. Renders and mats quite a bit before missile defense probably did not reach this. Wheelbarrow fit, soundly looks
    Grid what you need for animashka
  • sollers 4 months ago
    The touching part is inappropriate photo, too round. The grid is crookedly built ... the master of the landfill.
  • alexman312 4 months ago
    Mr. Salieri gives you a bow ....

    Do you know what I think about this work? That in everything you need to know the measure. Yes, measure, that’s a good word. Anyone who wants too much risks losing absolutely everything. True, one who wants too little from life can get nothing at all.
    • Germain 4 months ago
      "music from the game"
      • alexman312 4 months ago
        some dog gave me dislike. Yes, and did not increase likes. apparently this land is covered with green paddles .. And apparently only after Remaster Mafia comes out, these vile dogs will come to ask for forgiveness that they were wrong and did not understand my message to the author. But they will apologize without respect !!!!
        • Germain 4 months ago
          This dog will go to feed the fish, and in this I will help you!
  • mahendra538 4 months ago
    excellent work
  • rtstone 4 months ago
    - LT status
    Polygon Master
    - Am I Some Joke For You?
  • SteamPunk 4 months ago
    What a handsome man! Chic model!
  • dre112 4 months ago
    Very strange Master Polygon on LT model
    Either you need to install PRO or do not give the Master
  • ali abbasi 4 months ago
  • Mostafa Lohrasbi 4 months ago
    WoW !
  • Germain 4 months ago
  • hatami624 4 months ago
  • hey_ley 4 months ago
    masters deservedly, but I would change LT to PRO (maybe pull up the mats)
  • anna316a 4 months ago
    great !
  • maxtiabys 4 months ago
  • petrovich23rus 4 months ago
    How can a polygon master be LT?
    What's happening? )
  • Aivory 4 months ago
    I somehow do not fit ...
    Curved model with medium materials and a master polygon.
    Anyway, congratulations
  • pSergio 4 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • MaryMk 4 months ago
    Very attractive...
  • tony_black 4 months ago
    In my opinion, a well-deserved reward! Especially the mesh is steep. Well, those who will use the mat will finalize =) well done bro
  • minasayadi 4 months ago
    Very attractive
  • zevsart 4 months ago
    the best !!!!
  • Arnash 4 months ago
    beautiful machine)) and good work, Super!
  • KVI 4 months ago
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Aston Martin Ulsterpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 83 MB
Date: 2020.05.11 17:26
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Metal Leather

Aston Martin Ulster is a classic sports car. The model is worked out in detail. Body and interior panel - for smoothing.


aston, martin, ulster, a machine, car, sports car, race