• Giorgio Andriani 4 months ago
  • Zolty 4 months ago
    with iPhones in major majors. not as before, but still
  • andreyfomin 4 months ago
    IPhone models do PRO! We do everything urgently iPhones !!!
  • tarakan03 4 months ago
    Well, at least here you can afford to buy it))
    • Dmitriy_Ko 4 months ago
      Or for the downloaded PRO model, the opportunity to get iphone PRO 11 for free))
  • Ney 4 months ago
    https://miro.medium.com/max/544/0*Kv3aEmcBKtvSbBEu :))
  • basil1234567 4 months ago
  • breezeshaman 4 months ago
    Fuh. And I even began to worry. Waiting and waiting for the second iPhone)
  • nurlanbekoff10 4 months ago
  • zicodesign 4 months ago
    I PHONE designers changed, or what ?!
    • Zolty 4 months ago
      Now it’s just a trend to mow under the garage Chinese 5 years ago
  • rimnet 4 months ago
    And the most interesting thing is that they will take it !!!!!!!!
  • Action-sen 4 months ago
    ABOUT! Has the big one come out?
  • zicodesign 4 months ago
    probably a long line !?
    • Sawamura 4 months ago
      No queues) last year was) Apparently we worked on the bugs) Yes, and there is nothing special about it. This is a continuation of the XS Max. Only 3 cameras, a more powerful processor and everything seems to be)
      • Predator84 4 months ago
        a more powerful battery is compensated by a more powerful processor))
        And the main feature of the year, the new iPhone is shown on the box BACK because it is the same in front.
  • dark_g 4 months ago
    IPhones are not the same (! I can’t stop looking at the grid! Super!
  • MazayaYa 4 months ago
    each new model is worse and worse))) at least in the grid he is handsome
  • Kenzo80 4 months ago
    And I like it. Cute, three-eyed.
    But the poor losers make all kinds of phone collages, such as a bazooka or a stove :)
    • Gestas 4 months ago
      I noticed such a thing. Owners of iPhones boast solely of its price, but not the functionality, which differs little from other brands. Improved camera? 99% of iPhone owners will be removed by default. Sitting on social networks and watching YouTube is nothing more
      • Kenzo80 4 months ago
        This is called envy.
        I don’t have an iPhone yet, but I would love to have it.
  • Natali25 4 months ago
    The only place where you can buy an iPhone for 150 rubles XD
  • tatakkk 4 months ago
    Now it’s clear what my next Xiaomi will look like))
    Great feed model!
  • arminradan 4 months ago
  • Predator84 4 months ago
    magic of Athos in action, two similar models, flooded in a row, get PRO))
    • khetaggoldenboy 4 months ago
      To get PRO, you need to model on PRO;) But for you this is still magic)
      • Predator84 4 months ago
        yes, magic is involved in assigning statuses to me))) The magic of iPhones in this case
        • khetaggoldenboy 4 months ago
          I can only envy you - you live in a magical world;)
          • Predator84 4 months ago
            excerpt from the regulations:
            "... models with the same geometry will be counted in this order: one model will receive PRO, the rest LT. For example, chandeliers with different number of horns, 2 seater + 3 seater sofa, etc. ..."
            Here I am amazed, the same iPhone has only 3 cameras instead of 2 and again PRO is magic!
            • khetaggoldenboy 4 months ago
              Turn on your logic! PRO model prolongs pro status for 90 days.
              Models are uploaded at intervals of a couple of days do not make any difference, even if one of them was LT)
              If you are unable to understand this logic, how can you even enter into discussions?)

              Try to simulate at least one iPhone - without Boolean operations, and under anti-aliasing, with a full scan, and configured cards and shaders. And not as you sculpt objects from primitives and throw UVW MAP on them;)
  • maxtiabys 4 months ago
    my father had an electric razor similar, good design.
  • lecterel 3 weeks ago
    Very bad model. A lot of pinching and very poorly optimized. Maybe for rendering at 1m or more.
    2 out of 5
    • khetaggoldenboy 3 weeks ago
      What does poorly optimized mean? I rendered at a distance of less than a meter, and is everything okay? Maybe you are not able to work with 3d models at the proper level?
  • lecterel 2 weeks ago
    1. Poorly optimized: the fact that you didn't model the side plastic insert and instead rely on a 8k maps to do this (reflection,ior,etc.). This kind of modelling is unacceptable in any decent studio.
    2. The fact that you can't zoom in on any of these parts and maintain high quality. Maybe I exaggerated with 1m but this is definetly not a HQ model for the above 2 reasons.
    • khetaggoldenboy 2 weeks ago
      Do not tell me tales about optimizing the wise guy XD. This iPhone modeled every detail and texture in 8k resolution. Who are you going to teach? I run models for large companies, and no one has complained yet. If something is not pleasant - pass by, and do not hand out advice and do not carry nonsense about eight-kilobyte textures and clamps. If you don’t know how to do something, these are only your problems, personally I can render this model and change and make absolutely any action with it.
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Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 67 MB
Date: 2019.09.18 18:38
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Glass

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