• 0legator 2 years ago
  • Max_Man 2 years ago
    SHCHA put on models ... Still on sale is not present and modelku to buy it is possible. :)
  • garik-3d 2 years ago
    I download, I will give my wife, do not say that I do not give her expensive gifts. Although with the coat last time did not ride. But maybe she will like the phone more!
  • Lyskanych Ivan 2 years ago
    haypanem a little)
  • Rostislav1985 2 years ago
    Somewhere I cried Docenttt
  • Verity 2 years ago
    Oh, I'll finally buy myself an iPhone.
  • sermen 2 years ago
    and here this x ...
  • vla999 2 years ago
    good job
  • stuffmoscow 2 years ago
    but said in November only will appear
  • steve_vai 2 years ago
    here some on the 7th have not yet been modeled ..
  • littleboy 2 years ago
    perfect, good model!)))
  • Zom6ie 2 years ago
  • Blew 2 years ago
    Yes! Good!
  • AlexRicco 2 years ago
    My darling...)
  • breezeshaman 2 years ago
    And if you download it, then whose face will it be included in the render? Oh, yes, I forgot how the presentation went)
  • dar86 2 years ago
  • dell_master 2 years ago
    Well, at least somewhere I can afford to buy it)
  • nomaxi 2 years ago
  • mr.spoilt 2 years ago
  • skyp 2 years ago
    excellent! I'll go print it on a 3d printer ...
  • Faster 2 years ago
    I'd rather go to the New Year for a goa)) than a caller to take this =)))
  • Davidd 2 years ago
    Selling model iPhones can I make money on this iPhone?
  • Fenrisulven 2 years ago
    ponies, aco with a hoof? looks like a default Chinese>
  • I'll go buy it!)))))
  • omforce 2 years ago
    about and here this remnant) the story with Apple more and more becomes like Santa Barbara))) sooner or later it will end xD
    • khetaggoldenboy 2 years ago
      If you consider that Apple is the most expensive company in the world, and the fact that they are developing new ideas, besides phones and computers, their story is just beginning.
      • omforce 2 years ago
        there is no doubt if people start to produce toothbrushes with artificial intelligence) Apple will again rise up, and for today Apple is just reaping the fruits of its marketing, but the fruits have the property of ending, and the new tree has not yet been planted.
        • khetaggoldenboy 2 years ago
          If they simply reaped the fruits of marketing, their shares would not grow, but would fall off slowly. In any case, today it is the most successful company - and I think people working in this company hardly need to be taught how to achieve success)
          • giglen 2 years ago
            I completely agree. Apple - One love! If it were not for 3d-max, it would already be a long time to poppy, from these computers
            I do not understand hayters - what are they up to .. not their company, they do not get into their mouths, there's no advertising anywhere, what's wrong, then?) Probably they want
            • omforce 2 years ago
              I'll tell you a secret)) on MacOS there is a bunch of three-dimensional software)) just apparently all who love Apple crazy fans 3Dmax)), which is also such a self, incidentally, also belongs to the apparently very cool company xDDDD
          • freezemaximus 2 years ago
            I think that the person meant that the company after Steve Jobs is already "not the same." And I believe that many will agree.
            • khetaggoldenboy 2 years ago
              Well Steve Jobs founder) Without him, she certainly is not the one)
      • mr.spoilt 2 years ago
        Not exactly, it has the largest capitalization and this is not equal to the real value of the company.
  • HAAST_M2M 2 years ago
    Charger, as expected from Apple, buy separately!)))
  • nicoolin 2 years ago
    about, samsung?
  • predatorko1 2 years ago
  • Yara Correa 2 years ago
    Very cool!!!
  • stas-Bananas 2 years ago
    Thank you!!!
  • Medwedsky 2 years ago
    according to the second preview it seemed that there were eight too, bought for nothing (
  • Tok_Tok 2 years ago
    UV's are alle messed up. The tilling is set to 0,001 m. Who works in meters?? Bought this for nothing!
  • VladimirG 2 years ago
    Thanks for the model!
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AVE iPhone Xpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 9 MB
Date: 2017.09.16 16:02
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Glass

Apple iPhone X in two colors "Silver" and "Gray Cosmos" Number of polygons 22 000 In the archive: Scenes and materials for Corona and Vray 3dsMax 2013 FBX and OBJ files All textures and materials have unique names NURMS anti-aliasing Models can be used on game engines. In version vray, BRDF materials installed in Microfacet GTR / GGX, owners vray 2.4 must be installed in the Blinn BRDF. For Corona render, it is recommended to put the version not lower than 1.5, since the glossiness of materials customized based on PBR.