• foad3d 4 weeks ago
  • krokodolls 4 weeks ago
    It turned out very chic, obviously a lot of love was put into the model
    • 2-16 4 weeks ago
      I put all the unspent into my models, so the scenes become easier with them, the renderings are faster, and the customers are not harmful and they say everything right away)) Thank you for your kind word!
  • grol69 4 weeks ago
    according to statistics ... this is an application for the master of the landfill. not?)
    • 2-16 4 weeks ago
      Recently, there are a lot of excellent models on the site, the competition as a master is decent, so it's up to colleagues to decide who is more worthy. Thanks!
    • Flyboy 4 weeks ago
      I would say - master of perseverance)
  • yahyakish 4 weeks ago
  • Flyboy 4 weeks ago
    A cool model, but unfortunately, sales on it will tend to zero.
    • 2-16 4 weeks ago
      There is an assumption that you are a little mistaken) It depends on what to compare. With a set of beautiful decor for the bathroom can not be compared in sales, I agree)
    • Hold_on 4 weeks ago
      It’s probably better to prepare such virtual equipment for cinema use, so that all sorts of rigs, animations will be displayed on other sites at a completely different price tag.
      Because in archives, you can do without it.
      • 2-16 4 weeks ago
        Perhaps you are right. In any case, if one of the archvisors comes in handy, then it is no wonder everything was started.
  • arrgaz 4 weeks ago
    exelent worck
  • free-cent 4 weeks ago
    I saw this on the street. It seems to Malyshev near the "Vysotsky")). Pts realistic
    • 2-16 4 weeks ago
      Thank you, this is actually a hodgepodge, because even on this base all ALs are very different, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Lemon1000 4 weeks ago
  • spurt 4 weeks ago
    Aerobatics! 5+! Wonderful model!
  • Viver 4 weeks ago
    Uraaaaal - the coolest pelvis)))
    • 2-16 4 weeks ago
      I agree, brutal at 4320%
  • AndrewX 4 weeks ago
    So much labor has been invested in beauty!
    • 2-16 4 weeks ago
      Thank you, it turned out to the finals that there were VERY many little things, I was finishing it up already for fundamental reasons)
  • andy@ 4 weeks ago
    wow, normal device)))) 5+
  • meyou 4 weeks ago
  • dilya_1 4 weeks ago
  • reyhaneh2004 4 weeks ago
    Very good
  • ValeriiaDS 4 weeks ago
    Awesomeness! 5+ The gallery also has a great job for you with this model.
  • 2-16 4 weeks ago
    Thanks a lot!)
  • haifa haifaa 4 weeks ago
    As always, a great idea ,Cool model
    • 2-16 3 weeks ago
      Thank you!)
  • Lopatiuk 4 weeks ago
    The model is a bomb, of course, but the stop is a tread in different directions on the axes, or should it be?
    • 2-16 3 weeks ago
      Not. It shouldn’t be like this, this is my silly cant, did not mirror the wheels so that the text would not be distorted. Well, that's what led ...
  • ValeriiaDS 4 weeks ago
    I really wanted today that you deservedly be given the master of the landfill! And it happened! Congratulations!
    • 2-16 3 weeks ago
      Thank you very much for your congratulations!)
  • zevsart 3 weeks ago
  • Hossein_Reyhani 3 weeks ago
  • Zom6ie 3 weeks ago
    Beautiful model
    • 2-16 3 weeks ago
      Thanks! Great site - great models!
  • amir_sayyadi 3 weeks ago
  • itoxtil 2 weeks ago
  • khaled4arch 2 weeks ago
    nice >> great
  • maty week ago
    Super model! Thanks!!!
  • Lynn_nguyen week ago
    wonderful model!
  • 2-16 week ago
    Thank you
  • etransmit week ago
    I would buy such a model in a scale of 1:24 .. to the collection on the cabinet.
    • 2-16 week ago
      Deleted comment
    • 2-16 week ago
      I would buy one myself)
  • Hasan3596 6 days ago
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Ladder AL30-40pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 50 MB
Date: 2020.01.22 23:46
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Metal

Fire truck AL30-40 based on an all-wheel drive truck Ural. The modifiers stack is not collapsed, the number of polygons - 1 321 378


fire department, mes, lifeguards, truck, ural, stairs, car ladder