• 115599aa 3 years ago
  • shamsudheen 3 years ago
    Great job ! Good luck !!
  • Aviato 3 years ago
  • An4ik-1 3 years ago
    Super! Good luck!)
  • Jacot 3 years ago
    Is the model of bottles, coffee machines, etc. models from scratch for this bar ?!
    Your work is immediately attracted the attention! Very good !
    • redflash 3 years ago
      Yes, everything from scratch) course detail of objects is not as high as it could be, if these objects were presented separately, but will come down to fill the scene :)
  • Turbogang 3 years ago
    cool, very nice
  • ЛисаКот 3 years ago
    Yes, perhaps there is the full set, not a set of boxes and instansnyh wine glasses and bottles. I will vote for you.
  • A_Sadriano 3 years ago
    That is the level! Photorealism, rich content, the minimum weight of the scene, a nice range! I wish you victory and regular sales!
  • danavrin 3 years ago
    big! Good luck in the contest!
  • alekserog 3 years ago
    Cool! Here is a job. So much zamodelili! Good luck in the competition.
  • extratel 3 years ago
    Steep job. Good luck in the contest !!!
  • john_croquet 3 years ago
    Bravo ! Excellent job ! Good luck !
  • PROST1R 3 years ago
  • Cryptos 3 years ago
  • gingerelena 3 years ago
    Votes) very NRA)
  • NorthREBEL 3 years ago
    Vang pobeditelya_)
  • ГончарOFF 3 years ago
    Although the other guys have tried, but their voices will leave here, no offense to the others. It achieved excellent. Respect!
  • Ellestinium 3 years ago
    Five. Decent work! I then jabbed his nose in your work ... I think we need to show the same respect. There for it. :) Good luck in the contest !!
    • redflash 3 years ago
      thank you) you already, I think, to be congratulated on the 1st place)
  • Larme 3 years ago
    By filling gorgeous !!
  • Artnway 3 years ago
    I looked at the distribution of votes for 1 day and do not understand why this model is so little. In my opinion, in terms of variety of useful content to this topic, this model is a favorite.
    • redflash 3 years ago
      It may be due to background. The original background was more dynamic and dramatic, but moderators hacked. Said model is similar to the background)
      • Artnway 3 years ago
        I do not think that the case in the background. It's not a competition to the gallery. Here the main content, but rather a combination of good images with high quality and useful content. And all that I can see now, that the models that have no practical meaning in the lead
      • ЛисаКот 3 years ago
        my work, too, for background shelf with Pikachu, because of this I was late for the contest. And then the background do not understand for modeling ....
        • redflash 3 years ago
          in my case background create complete songs, no klozapy would not need.
          Later, I lay in the gallery, will understand what I mean.
  • miras-design 3 years ago
  • Lizard570 3 years ago
    Yes, a lot of work! I vote
  • natasha7march@mail.ru 3 years ago
    Chic bar! Great work.
  • quetzlcoatl 3 years ago
    Perhaps the work most worthy of victory. But it should be noted that the theme of the bar as it is slightly touched the soul of our brother. Judging by the number and quality of the submitted works. Looks alco topic today is not a trend. That would ouououou Fresh bar as it would be juicy beautiful models - fruits, vegetables would be poured as from a cornucopia, misted glasses Fresh Beauty. I'm sorry that I'm dreaming. My voice is yours!
    • redflash 3 years ago
      thank you) I do not worry, the victory in the competition - a subjective thing. The main thing I learned in the process :)
  • rnax 3 years ago
    Excellent model and serve. My voice you :)
  • sim-simopen 3 years ago
  • greenline 3 years ago
    Thank you
  • alltex33 3 years ago
    the best of the works
  • sasha_XX 3 years ago
    I have for some reason the file is not unzipped? wrote "file is corrupt or has an unknown format" does not work in the usual vinrar unzip, how to be?
    • redflash 3 years ago
      possible error when downloading. rest in PM
  • c3dm 2 years ago
    Realism is off scale!
  • c3dm 2 years ago
    OGO! Inconceivable!
  • Primastudio 2 years ago
    The models of the soft drinks in the fridge are corrupted
    • redflash 2 years ago
      Write to me, we will understand
  • Kasat 2 years ago
    Thank you, cool!
  • fresaelena5 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • slaven 2 years ago
    Thank you!!! Phenomenal ... Ideal ... Origen ...
  • Igor5566 2 years ago
    That's what I understand the work! Respect and uvazhuha! fraternally zapilil)))
  • artalexbro year ago
    everything is cool but the model obj is eaten, yesterday the whole evening picking to break into objects.
    • redflash year ago
      downloaded, checked, everything is broken down into separate objects. Perhaps, when you import, the option was to merge all geometry
      • artalexbro year ago
        Now I'll look, I opened it with a blue under Mac OS
  • Max Klimanov year ago
    save !!!!
  • nelwel 9 months ago
    Thank you very much kind person, helped!
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 52 MB
Date: 2016.12.20 15:44
Formfactor: Angle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

The reception is made in the style of a night club. All that can be seen in the preview, is present in the scene (except for the walls). Among other things - the real models of the beer column MicroMatic Brigitte maker Ottima. All bottles of alcohol - unique (not repeated)! Ieski zalinkovany with shades (pull for the target, turn the ceiling with ieskoy) for small objects of smoothing iterations are set only on the rendering (not shown in the viewport). Render is made in the Corona, but the materials also reconfigured for Vray (may vary slightly). Weight scene - only 15 mb. Present version vray and corona 2016, 2015, 2013. In order to facilitate weight obj disable all anti-aliasing. Enjoy your use!