• nopddd 5 months ago
  • vernisazh 5 months ago
    Good man, God bless you!
  • Slavka-Prok 5 months ago
    Oh cool! Can you still make such a cleaner after SketchUp? :)
  • shama11 5 months ago
    But how is he friends with bcad ov files or not?
    • seserg 5 months ago
      try it. he connects the dots, removes excess edges, dumps material.
  • douglasmadureira 5 months ago
    • seserg 5 months ago
      drag the file to 3ds max, Customize> Customize User Interface> Toolbars tab> Select the category - my script, look for clear_mesh_select there, drag it to the toolbar, now this is the button that launches the script.
  • nurix 5 months ago
    Thnak you.
  • walkman_23 3 months ago
    The script only works with the mesh. With poly does not work.
  • zrooks 2 months ago
    Gracias desde Ecuador. Justo lo que necesitaba.
  • sergey_cg month ago
    God bless you, for such good deeds!
  • TeTPuC month ago
    Thank you, the script is divine.
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Basis furniture maker at 3ds maxfree


model details

Platform: Script
Render: Vray
Size: 476 Bytes
Date: 2019.11.29 22:26
Style: Modern

The macro script button can be displayed on the toolbar.

The script brings the model from the furniture maker back to normal. When exporting from Basis, it is better to remove all fasteners and the edge.