• Женька 3 years ago
    JOeMax, yes, especially the grid. The most important thing for the main page.
    • stamonchik 3 years ago
      If you do retopology and leave small folds, you get a superposition grid and the weight of the model is increased by 2.5 times, so many need a quadrangular grid? Tell me why? It seems to me if you visualize the weight of a model is more important. Or do you render a grid? Or why. I'll write about it for the future, but this model would not have gone by weight, but I did not want to kill the wrinkles.
      • Женька 3 years ago
        Well, they would make the requirements to the models the same for everyone (this is not a claim to you). And then someone for a square grid, which was triangular before that, but it was forced to remake it and still gave it to LT, and someone said it for this.
        • Buyan11111 3 years ago
          Zhenya, Requirements for pro models: 2. The correct grid, possibly consisting of quads and triangles, without discontinuities, coplanarities and inverted normals, without excess density. This model is executed within the rules, the grid can be triangular if its density is appropriate. If you load from the margin and do nothing with the grid, then naturally this is LT. But this applies only to this model and the density of its mesh, LT is a strange thing.
          • stamonchik 3 years ago
            I think still an important factor that I was making a model for sale and not for prolonging pro, until the limitation I had 65 days at the time of loading, if it would have been a week it would probably be lt.
        • andruxajkh 3 years ago
          like a normal grid
      • ElizabethBess 3 years ago
        Well done, it turned out cool! I agree to such creases are meaningless to do a retop, there will be a very heavy model
        • brick 3 years ago
          Do you need such folds on this model? Looked at the original - it would be enough to map the bump.http://www.martinelstore.com/en/prod/bedroom/beds/fluff-bonaldo.html 
          I'm not trying to belittle the merits of the model and I quite agree that the requirements of the mandatory retopology and the "beautiful" grid to the detriment of the quality are superfluous.
          • stamonchik 3 years ago
            • ElizabethBess 3 years ago
              this is very similar
            • stamonchik 3 years ago
              Thank you, for a long time I crushed it until I got what I wanted.
            • bestprogram 3 years ago
              In my too much crushed, especially the head, looks like an old, tortured life)) And the model itself is certainly excellent, just did not go too far with the bruise.
      • garik-3d 3 years ago
        "If you do retopology and leave small folds, you get a superdense grid and the weight of the model increases by 2.5 times"
        Is not a fact. If you meticulously select the size of the grid, for each element your own, you should get exactly the opposite.
  • ruil 3 years ago
    Excellent model, was surprised that the AMD because there is a rumor that if there is the same model and it is a missile defense, then other models of missile defense are no longer given.
    • Gustavlegion 3 years ago
      Then the bones will fall. Ilitka is given a rgo even for frank LT, but it is spelled out in the rules. A lot of fifth points were already burned by this topic)))
  • mr.spoilt 3 years ago
    It is evident lessons Artem did not pass by) zero gravity and tweaks of pillows)
  • Alexey_M 3 years ago
    Friends, well, do not drive the plz to the grid - it's an invoice and it's beautiful, and that's the main thing! So in fact? -)

    You can safely insert it into the scenes and everyone will get a buzz and zak and a visa!

    Author respect and thanks! -)
  • subberjean 3 years ago
    Sensation of the Precision is definitely there, and it's not even in the grid, but in its correct presentation, and of course in weight. The author correctly says that if you do a repetition, you can lose many nuances. As for the bump and the display, it's still not going to be the result you want.

    Yes, and the display renders a little longer than the model with folds
  • subberjean 3 years ago
    And in general, the author of this model is himself, and not we. And what will be decided by the Moderators, alas, we can not do it with you.
  • Yegor86 3 years ago
    crushed straight from the heart :)
  • valja1982 3 years ago
    oh its annoyed, very unnaturally the back looks) well in a sense compared to the original bed) the model is good but it looks wildly weird)
  • red-rimm 3 years ago
    but I liked the lamps :)
  • Anna Pirikh 3 years ago
    Ochen` effektno !!! Spasibo =)
  • JOeMax 3 years ago
    super work!
  • dhouse 3 years ago
    Great model!
  • utegenov 3 years ago
  • zdzislaw1 3 years ago
    Nice work!
  • rohitjagtap 3 years ago
  • Taya.Yuki year ago
    Super! thank!
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bonaldo fluff bedpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 84 MB
Date: 2017.12.10 02:34
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric

bed bonaldo fluff size: 2500 * 2500 * 900 cottages: Bonaldo Tectonic luminaries: boconcept lean on me link to high-res: https://www.behance.net/gallery/59707609/bonaldo-fluff-bed-3d-model