Brandford Odissey-Plug-In

                                    Brandford Odissey-Plug-In
  • 3dsMax 2012 + obj (Vray)
  • 15.11 MB
  • 2019.05.21 08:53
  • Modern
  • shop window, price tag, rack, brandford, score, refrigeration showcase, fridge, products, meat, sausage, supermarket, odissey, plug-in
  • Obvious advantages Unique energy saving: Innovative high performance energy saving circuit. Two-chamber double-glazed windows Anti-frost design Low cold consumption Energy Saving Fans Improved merchandising capabilities: Flat design close to customer Maximum product demonstration The unique height of the lower front - 245 mm - maximizes vertical exposure Wide viewing doors visually expand the front display. Vertical LED backlight ensures uniform illumination of products at all levels.

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