• Max711 year ago
    Very cool done !!!
    • c3dm year ago
      Of course, this is after all Soviet engineers ...
      • ArtemTkachenko year ago
        I agree beauty !!!!
      • Action-sen year ago
        The only pity is that now it is gathering dust in the hangar.
        • Vast year ago
          Dismantled for metal and souvenirs (despite formal security) and rusting ...
          • epush year ago
            The reality is different ...
            Several mock-ups of the Buran ship for testing were built, two ships completely ready for flight and three more ships were being built.
            “Buran” number 1.01, which made a space flight in automatic mode, was located in the assembly and test building (MIC) of the cosmodrome, destroyed on May 12, 2002 when the roof of the MIC building collapsed.
            The ship named “The Tempest”, number 1.02, was installed in the museum exposition at the Baikonur cosmodrome 45 ° 55.10.75 s. sh. 63 ° 18.35.74 in. d.
            The ship “Baikal”, number 2.01, its creation was not completed, until 2004 it stood at the Tushino plant, in 2011 it was transported along the river to the airfield in Zhukovsky, for restoration and display at the MAKS air show.
            Ship number 2.02 was disassembled at the Tushino Machine-Building Plant.
            Started building the ship at number 2.03 was destroyed at the factory.
            One of the layouts (number 0.02) is now in the Museum of Machinery in Germany in the city Speyer, sold for 10 million euros. The layout with the number 0.01 is in the Gorky Park in Moscow. The model at number 0.03 is located in the town of Korelev. Layout number 0.05 is at the Institute of TsAGI. A 0.06 model is stored at the Institute of Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, the city of Peresvet, Moscow Region. The layout at number 0.15 belongs to Kazakhstan and is located on one of the Baikonur sites, coordinates 45 ° 55.10. with. sh. 63 ° 18.36. at. d.
            • kubator year ago
              Clarification - a mockup from Gorky Park moved to VDNH 5 years ago
            • epush year ago
              Everything flows, everything changes.
        • Zom6ie year ago
          Well, now also in the database will gather dust)))
  • Kenzo80 year ago
    Oteta is cool)
  • alisa_milafon year ago
    Cool model-well done!
  • Action-sen year ago
    Cheerfully !!!
  • archistory year ago
    Transport to escape from the planet earth =))) Excellent work. My vote +1
  • Makemyday year ago
    And here is the first application)
  • maximum-max2004 year ago
    Fine! You definitely have my voice! +5
  • _petrushka_ year ago
    An unequivocal favorite!
  • zevsart year ago
  • ck_petya year ago
    While the leaders of the competition are two representatives of the Soviet rocket science "ceiling" -Buran and "bottom" -Pepelats
  • horhesoloma year ago
    it's five!
  • DaNPride year ago
    Strong work
  • v e r t e x year ago
    great job
  • BETEPOK year ago
    With me definitely +5
  • Cryptos year ago
  • tonik2002 year ago
    somehow sluggish in the competition, I put +, there is nothing more to choose from.
  • AIRIZZIO year ago
  • griphon year ago
    "Buran" is so much in this sound for those who are in the subject ... pride, pain and ... generally keep 5
  • Sarbagyshev year ago
    Deleted comment
    • kiryxak year ago
      no, I did not take it here. But it seems))
  • v e r t e x year ago
  • Pivotpoint year ago
    Voted for your work. Congratulations!
  • ilkindesigner year ago
    Good job
  • you114 year ago
  • MDrumster year ago
    how races do simulations with this model, modelka cool! Maybe someone knows where to find a model of the cosmodrome, or some kind of launch pad?
  • dualen 9 months ago
    Thanks for the model. One remark - the Buran sweep to put it mildly leaves much to be desired.
  • Rustam.arh 7 months ago
    just looking for something like that)))
  • everdeenlawrence1 2 months ago
    How to convert this model? And then after conversion, some textures disappear or are not visible on the render
  • kiryxak 2 months ago
    Try to reassign the textures in the editor, this is how the image matches the part of the modelhttps://yadi.sk/d/OYNVhR-wvOs9uw 
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Buran and Energypro


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Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 21 MB
Date: 2019.03.15 06:54
Style: Ethnic
Material: Metal

"Energy" - "Buran" - the space program of the Soviet reusable transport space system (MTKS)