Candy jars 2

                                    Candy jars 2
  • 3dsMax 2011 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 12.17 MB
  • 2018.12.19 15:52
  • Classic
  • confectionery, candy bar, candy buffet, candy shop, sweet shop, sweet table, sweet, sweets, dessert, marshmallow, meringue, bank, jar
  • Realistic candy jars 3d model for candyshop

    Set consists of:

    - jar of marshmallow rounds; - jar of meringues; - jar of marshmallow hearts; - swiss meringues on a sticks; - twisted marshmallows on a sticks; - pink icing covered white marshmallows on a sticks.

    All objects, materials and textures have unique names.

    The file contains all the models presented on the preview. The enviroment is not included. The scene is not included lightning and cameras. All objects are groupped. All objects are ready for subdivision. Stack turbosmooth is open.

    Model prepared for vray 2.4 (3d max 2011) and corona 1.5 (3d max 2014). Archive contains files: 3d max 2011 + vray 2.4; 3d max 2014 + corona 1.5; OBJ file; material libraries for vray and corona, textures.

    Model is built to real-world scale. Units - mm.

    Max file - 12.6 mb; Obj file - 17,4mb.

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At last a model with good topology instead of a hundred million polygons