Carpe diem

                                    Carpe diem
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Vray)
  • 94.18 MB
  • 2019.06.20 21:42
  • Modern
  • home fragrances, flowers, roses, bouquet, box, candle, jo malone, petals, decor, casket, chocolate, candies, almond, coffee, tray, cup
  • In the archive: - max 2014 (V-ray) - max2011 (V-ray) - FBX - textures

    All textures and objects have corresponding names in English.

    Export file under anti-aliasing. Apply a TurboSmooth modifier to objects. The anti-aliasing stack in the scene is not collapsed and disabled. To enable smoothing of flowers and ribbons, ungroup the group “roses_box” and activate TurboSmooth “rose”, you do not need to apply anti-aliasing to the box.

    Polys: 30,545 Verts: 38,392

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