• farokh 11 months ago
    Very beautiful and realistic model!
  • subberjean 11 months ago
    what a gorgeous cat ... I definitely use it!
    • Le_xXx_ 11 months ago
      The Society for the Protection of Animals is watching you! And then they are already going to use the cats ...
  • ZhSa99 11 months ago
    let's be quiet in the comments, otherwise we'll wake up
  • Dmitriy_Ko 11 months ago
    Oh new pussy ...! plus))
  • Zolty 11 months ago
    It's just a top-end kate
  • jack.whiet 11 months ago
    Smiled that the cat is in a modern style) sorry that Vray would have downloaded so
    • chocopiert 11 months ago
      and convert?
      • nasiliy777 11 months ago
        often I personally have problems with the envelope of animal models, related to wool, etc.
        • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
          strangely, the wool itself is not converted, only the material.
        • chernov_renders 11 months ago
          I don’t convert at all in the crown and the viree cat is normally rendered
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      Deleted comment
  • nataone 11 months ago
    wow, kakooy ❤
  • c3dm 11 months ago
    Recommended for luxury interiors)
  • EkaterinaJolie 11 months ago
    oh you god! what a miracle !!!)
  • hop28 11 months ago
    the cognitive dissonance. I see about, but I do not see the cushions of the ladies ...
  • reyhaneh2004 11 months ago
    So cool ... very good
  • Denis_21 11 months ago
    Finally, a live cat will appear on the renders, not this one)
  • Anastasiya021 11 months ago
    Moore! Impossibly fluffy fluffy))
  • Dozerpc 11 months ago
    I have 2 cats myself, but I want to stroke this one. Great!
  • burenko.vera 11 months ago
    How alive)) Is it generally legal to make such cool cats?))
  • olgabellarte 11 months ago
    What a cool cat! Well done! Keep it up:)
  • mhdmsdn 11 months ago
    can i ? can i pet it ???
  • Женька 11 months ago
    I just want to stroke
  • Furron 11 months ago
    Krasava! Both the author and the cat)
  • Valufka 11 months ago
    How cool !! great job
  • milyova 11 months ago
    Well, how real! What a cute)
  • nextmale 11 months ago
    For cats, always!
  • valek76 11 months ago
    What a cool Barsik! Great, definitely!
  • Voinik 11 months ago
    It is a masterpiece! I admire the author and the cat!
  • petit_chagrin 11 months ago
    beautiful fluffy :)
  • Kontrochka 11 months ago
    Mine always sleeps like that) on the closet. It's a pity I always have cupboards for the ceiling in the interiors. For the sake of the cat, you need to do somewhere lower, hahaha)))
  • Yoogeen 11 months ago
    Excellent as always !! )
  • nebo02 11 months ago
    I want the same! class !!!
  • tonik2002 11 months ago
    somehow it was not enough, there are so few cats.
  • Shock 11 months ago
    folded ... I have such a current color peach) offset
  • Nikolai Antokonenko 11 months ago
    cool, came out alive. And then many have a corpse.
  • Julia19 11 months ago
    Oooooh yes this is an unrealistically cool cat !!!
  • rnax 11 months ago
    The most realistic cat in the 3d world! 0_o
  • kkknnnlll 11 months ago
    can you make it for corona ??
  • DowJones 11 months ago
    I am a simple person, I see a cat like it!
  • ART.Y 11 months ago
    see soon in all renders)) great cat)
  • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
    Thanks to all!!! I'm glad you like it)
  • 413x 11 months ago
    I just stopped by to like the kote.
  • alexander.dp.ua 11 months ago
    Please tell me, in corona - buffer changed to geometry.
    In the project (archive) everything is ok, but I insert it into the scene - the wool is not displayed, in the effects I checked that the geometry is active.
    Perhaps you still need to enable the setting? Thank you in advance for your response.
    • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
      Not displayed in the viewport or on the render? If this is how it should be in the viewport, only one hair is displayed there.
  • alexander.dp.ua 11 months ago
    on render
    • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
      What about the model folder in the scene folder? If not, then the cards are lost, there is also the length and density of wool through the cards.
  • alexander.dp.ua 11 months ago
    Thanks, I will definitely try!
  • necBTpuko 11 months ago
    I can't understand rial or anrial @ _ @
  • grol69 11 months ago
    Honored Master!
    ... I hope the cat will make a revolution, and the "master" will not only have models with wheels!
  • glancer 11 months ago
    soon! in all projects of the country))
  • c3dm 11 months ago
    With the master you, colleague!
    Cat is yours.
    We are waiting for other options with a domestic fluffy animal: dog, hamster, skunk, etc.
  • jahangraph 11 months ago
    Wow what a beautiful cat.
  • korobkov.pro 11 months ago
    ABOUT! Finally, realism. It will come in handy))
  • Accento 11 months ago
    I'm not a cats lover, but this is increadible and cute one! Stunning work!
  • narmin_ism 11 months ago
    How does the guys in the crown work?
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      By the way, in the crown, he did not look like what turned out in the viree, although some of my cats were rendered without redoing for the crown, and it seemed to work fine, but I was tortured to reconfigure different parameters of the wool so that the preview would look like a viree, in the end it turned out bearable, but turned out to be more difficult than expected.
  • dedora 11 months ago
    This cat is already chic!
    True, such a harmful infection. My friend had one. I did not give myself to anyone. He was always indignant. Egoist is shorter
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      Yes, my relatives had one, also harmful, but beautiful) Thank you for your positive assessment!)
  • photo_med 11 months ago
    can I stroke him)
  • 3dviz85 11 months ago
    Is there for Corona?
    • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
      The materials there are quite simple, they are converted normally by the built-in converter. And she's wool for the Crown is also suitable for Virey.
      • natanchic 11 months ago
        Hello! Those. just convert to crown through convector script and that's it?
        • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
          yes, and in Render / Effects in Hairs change "buffer" to "Geometry"
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      Has already
  • zeinabarchitect 11 months ago
    I want this cat badly :*
  • Macker 11 months ago
    Incredible! Could you do a dog like mine!? ( instagram @shorkie_poppy ) :-)
  • volkodav909 11 months ago
    The urchnik must be turned on gently)
  • kolja 1985 11 months ago
    Gorgeous work turned out!))
  • samsuser 11 months ago
    Cool cat, with character!
  • superpicha 11 months ago
    I don't need it right now, but I'll buy it just in case. you never know ...
  • DLConcept 11 months ago
    I don't see a single polygon, only wool!)) The cat is valid
  • v_olga_v 11 months ago
    You have gorgeous cats! With every cat ... Simply amazing! More realistic.
  • zakazchik81 11 months ago
    how alive, cool!
    good model!
  • Resolutiorj 11 months ago
    can you make corona fur ? thank you very much
    • AndreyYalta 11 months ago
      Hair And Fur is not for Corona or Virey, it is standard and suitable for any render. You only need to convert the material into the model, and it is extremely simple.
      • vk3d 10 months ago
        Yes, lay out the same model for the crown, you will earn more money and it will be easier for everyone)
  • booomdis 11 months ago
    this is an unreal cat! thank!
  • katebear 11 months ago
    The cat is just lovely sight! I would iron and iron :)
  • luneva.3dvis 11 months ago
    In real life there is no kisuli, so at least I will look in 3d (
  • a-nyu 11 months ago
    Well sooo cool! How alive!
  • kok-vad 11 months ago
    While he squandered the comments, half a day has passed and it's not bad, the model is cool, well done !!!
  • viki 3d 11 months ago
    Cool, great job! Thank!
  • volkodav909 11 months ago
    What a cool cat)
    Which day I already admire him)
  • freys2011 11 months ago
    Awesome realistic cat! I would not have thought it was a render)
  • rustamov6 11 months ago
    The cat has a cool name Cat 6 ...
    Next time it will definitely be 007)))
  • swader 10 months ago
    Very lively and cute cat!
  • highmoon 10 months ago
    Sweetheart, I just want to stroke it!))
  • Kovalik 10 months ago
    Can't render (crown) tried everything ((sadness
  • Kovalik 10 months ago
    The render started after 6 minutes, but it will take a very long time to render (although the compucter is not weak)
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      Models with wool always take a long time to render. Plus, the Crown calculates wool longer than Virey and spends more operatives. In general, 6 minutes is not bad. What kind of processor, if not a secret?
      • Kovalik 10 months ago
        Itel core (TM) i7-8700k CPU @ 3.70 GHz 3.70GHz
        64 RAM
  • alinka68021 10 months ago
    thanks for the model, but the wool doesn't render, tell me what modifier is needed?)
  • alinka68021 10 months ago
    Another question, it takes sooooo long to render, can I translate it into a proxy? or how to render such heavy models?)
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      in a proxy, why? This will not render faster. Models with wool always take longer to render.
  • alinka68021 10 months ago
    unfortunately does not render fur at all (((A render takes 15 minutes and as a result the cat is bald (((
  • alinka68021 10 months ago
    Even the interactive loads 20 minutes, 16 cores percent, but does not take out and it ends up bald (
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      if bald, then the point is not that the percent does not take out but something else. Do you have a folder with a cat model in your scene folder? If not, then the textures are lost and therefore the cat is bald. You need the textures to be in the scene folder.
      • alinka68021 10 months ago
        yes, all the textures are in the water folder with the scene, then what could be the matter?
  • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
    If the units of measurement in the scene are millimeters (but other units of measurement can only affect the length of the wool), the folder with the model is in the same folder with the scene, in Render / Effects in Hairs changed "buffer" to "mr prim" (for Corona Renderer to "Geometry ") and didn’t do anything with the model (for example, didn’t mirror it and didn’t make any other changes), it seems like it cannot be such that the wool would not be visible on the render, because the model itself is in order.
  • Danilka110394 10 months ago
    Great job!
    Thank you =)
    now the scenes are more lively
  • mari.m91 10 months ago
    The coolest crumb !!!!!!!!!!!))))) Excellent work !!!!!!!!!
  • boss.patinson 10 months ago
    ugly sphinx as a result
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      Drag all textures into the scene folder and you will have wool.
  • Nikolai Antokonenko 10 months ago
    someone rendered this cat at least? I want to see. like he's wearing a crown. Render and make a tag if someone wants it.
  • ZohaJam 10 months ago
    seems ur big fan of cats:)
  • aoverina 10 months ago
    the cat in the crown will be rendered!
  • ira333 10 months ago
    Cool cat))) the render is fast, but for some reason his fur is slightly fluffed
  • gt_kisa 10 months ago
    Masterpiece!!! Adorable kitty !!!
  • AriSHaDesign 10 months ago
    Hello! guys, tell me, does the cat behave well in the crown? there is really not enough good cats for the crown on the site !!!
  • AriSHaDesign 10 months ago
    I did not like the result in the crown, the cat turns out to be ugly, oak, smoothing does not help, very light, ugly gray hair and black nose, I tried to play with the lighting, it does not help ... lucky ... and I was upset, I really wanted to use it in the render ... normal animals for the crown are not made for some reason ...
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      did you change "buffer" to "Geometry" in Render / Effects in Hairs? And on account of the fact that the wool in the Crown turns out to be lighter, yes, there is. It is solved by changing the color in Tip Color and Root Color, now it is white (255) and you need to make it about 30.
  • Ellie van Vierhort 9 months ago
    It's infinitely beautiful! "a model of a cat will revive your interior, give it warmth and comfort" - just like in real life)
  • nero2000 9 months ago
    good job my frind
  • katerina.disart 9 months ago
    SUPER !! You are just a modeling guru. I was not going to buy models today, but when I saw it I decided that I needed it))))))))))))))))))
  • kattyvod 9 months ago
    this is a very cool job)
  • Irina-8058 9 months ago
    God, what a cat !!) done perfectly !!!
  • Irina-8058 9 months ago
    how to reduce the pile length? Pliz ... my ball is rendered
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      Deleted comment
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      Do you have centimeters in the scene? When millimeters, then everything turns out right, but I already told someone how to fix if the scene is in centimeters, the result suited him. On the Geniral Parameters rollout, set Scale to 5 and Rand. Scale 4, at Root Think 0.15.
      • Irina-8058 9 months ago
        Everything. It turned out like you) Thank you ...
  • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • Irina-8058 9 months ago
    Units of measurement are mm, scale helped, I did not touch everything else. It turned out a little different, but also handsome, beautiful model, thanks
  • anibalacio 5 months ago
    Can you explain me pleasu how to use the hair and fur because i can view the hair in render anfd i hace follow all the instrucctions
    • AndreyYalta 5 months ago
      I did not quite understand what you wanted to say, and therefore I will write standard recommendations. The units in the scene are millimeters, the folder with the model is in the same folder with the scene, in Render / Effects in Hairs changed "buffer" to "mr prim". There is the same model for Corona with Corona material and instructions. You should only mirror the model if you know what you are doing, you just won't be able to mirror it, the wool will deteriorate.
  • serj24 5 months ago
    Awesome cat, I can’t stop looking! There were no particular difficulties with the envelope in the crown, all your recommendations helped, the color of the coat can really be chosen, according to your preview.
    I put a render in the gallery with a label for your cat.
  • line in 4 months ago
    Thank! I download it because I have such a house)
  • Lilend month ago
    the kitty on the render is gorgeous!
  • kaya_pater 11 months ago
    WOW !!
  • dilya_1 11 months ago
    Saying this ^ ___ ^
  • Маленькая_86 11 months ago
    What a fluffy !!!!!
  • ivashyok 11 months ago
    gorgeous cat!
  • goldy@ 11 months ago
    wow nice work
  • v e r t e x 11 months ago
  • Ehsan Barid Mashaghi 11 months ago
    Amazing Work...
  • vishenka-28 11 months ago
    Lovely baby!
  • Setare.shbi1992 11 months ago
  • sarathsarath 11 months ago
    very nice
  • semjaza 11 months ago
    Very good cat!)
  • alireza200 11 months ago
  • настич 11 months ago
    fireseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! Very cool!
    • c3dm 11 months ago
      Cat and fire are not compatible ...
  • kirzhaeva_aa 11 months ago
    the kitty is very beautiful)
  • _prosto_lyubov_ 11 months ago
    just beautiful
  • bahar_mousavi 11 months ago
    so cute
  • Raedsh 11 months ago
    So cool ...
  • Белёна 11 months ago
    Very cool!!!!!
  • Saeed Farazande 11 months ago
  • asmodeus88 11 months ago
    claaaaaaassss ^ _ ^
  • Enable_3d 11 months ago
  • V.Dolgalev 11 months ago
  • tanaviraru75 11 months ago
  • rezafereidani 11 months ago
  • volkodav909 11 months ago
    Wow! Very cool)
  • OrestMoskalG 11 months ago
  • andryanisimov 11 months ago
    good briton! )
  • Ст Южная200300 11 months ago
    what a cute
  • jefers 11 months ago
    Great model
  • Kayumov Rinat 11 months ago
    Everyone loves cats.)
  • Makc2017sm 11 months ago
    Oh man!
  • ATENAF 11 months ago
  • hydra 11 months ago
  • HopeNadi 11 months ago
    what a crumb))) gorgeous cat !!!
  • eragon624 11 months ago
  • mahdiehkhosravi 11 months ago
    Woooow perfect
  • sten 11 months ago
    gorgeous !!
  • lsy87 11 months ago
  • korobkov.pro 11 months ago
    Added to the decor))
  • mahmoudhamdy6 11 months ago
  • Dasha_Chugunova 11 months ago
    cool cat!
  • meyou 11 months ago
    Great model
  • ВампирШа 11 months ago
    very slim ^. ^
    • AndreyYalta 9 months ago
      Yes, they are usually fatter, even with wrinkles, but this athlete)
  • Smilt 11 months ago
  • picknic87 11 months ago
    Great! Home is visible.
  • volkodav909 11 months ago
    Ooooooo cool :)
  • ko_tya 11 months ago
    What a navel * _ *
  • Natashazhuk 11 months ago
    WoW !!! Amazing !!!
  • nafe nikzad 11 months ago
    very nice
  • anna316a 11 months ago
    Adorable !
  • Behrooz.nak 11 months ago
  • mozhdeh parizi 11 months ago
  • MDM25 11 months ago
    beautiful model
  • mohammad02121 11 months ago
    good cat
  • Ramzes-Architect 11 months ago
  • thong1900 11 months ago
  • DagSergio 11 months ago
    cool kus-kus
  • y.boiko 11 months ago
    Very realistic model)
  • Ogan 11 months ago
  • saba2020 11 months ago
    very nice
  • pooyamt 11 months ago
  • настя02111986 11 months ago
    Cool cat + 5
  • dmitrysochi 10 months ago
  • thientaidien2 10 months ago
    amazing !!!!
  • abas-soleymanzadeh 10 months ago
    Good Model )
  • Svetlana Fahradyan 10 months ago
    WOOOW !!! perfect !!
  • ll3el3i 10 months ago
    So cute!
  • shika1995 10 months ago
    Amazing Model
  • samadali 10 months ago
    it's very nice
  • Inna.Temchenko_3d 10 months ago
  • Alisagarisaz77 10 months ago
    great work
  • Syfert 10 months ago
    gorgeous kitty))
  • farshadmoridi 10 months ago
  • Irina_334 10 months ago
    cat is not rendered
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      If the units of measurement in the scene are millimeters (but other units of measurement can only affect the length of the wool), the folder with the model is in the same folder with the scene, in Render / Effects in Hairs changed "buffer" to "mr prim" (for Corona Renderer to "Geometry ") and did not change anything in the model (for example, they did not mirror it and did not make any other changes), then it should be rendered, because the model itself is fine.
    • AndreyYalta 10 months ago
      or are you talking about the render speed? If yes, then all models with wool, be they animals or fluffy carpets, or whatever, take a long time to render.
  • moein_ah5 10 months ago
    very nice
  • Uraken 10 months ago
    cool cat, nice!
  • olivka8787 10 months ago
    kitty) what a plush)
  • JBLka 10 months ago
    Magic ... very cool)
  • Behnam.fathi 10 months ago
  • designer9799 10 months ago
    very cool
  • v e r t e x 10 months ago
  • mctsvg 10 months ago
  • vupi666 10 months ago
    it is a masterpiece
  • AriSHaDesign 10 months ago
    okay, guess what ... download)
  • farshadmoridi 10 months ago
  • Reza Moezi 10 months ago
  • Nina_Spenser 9 months ago
  • marryomariya 9 months ago
    love it
  • farzane.ahmadi 9 months ago
  • Montana_ 9 months ago
    GREAT !
  • lara3113 8 months ago
    Thanks! Lovely cat!
  • Анета 7 months ago
    What a beauty!
  • Buxoro 3 months ago
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CAT 6pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 24 MB
Date: 2020.08.13 13:48
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Modern
Material: Organics Fur

model of a cat will revive your interior, give it warmth and comfort The wool is made with the Hair And Fur modifier, do not forget in Render / Effects in Hairs to change "buffer" to "mr prim" (for Corona Renderer to "Geometry") mustache and eyelashes are made by geometry Hair And Fur is tuned for close angles, for distant ones, to reduce the render time, you can lower the Hair Count value, Hair Segments, Hair Passes in General Parameters rollout, in rollout Material Parameters uncheck Tip Fade FBX file without hair, but mustache and eyelashes all texture paths removed units of measure millimeters (units are especially important for Hair And Fur). Cards: Clumping, Density, Diffuse fur root, Diffuse fur tip, Diffuse leather, Frizz, Scale