CB2 office furniture

                                    CB2 office furniture
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Corona)
  • 42.54 MB
  • 2017.09.12 15:31
  • Ethnic
  • go-cart, white, rolling, console, table, mint, filing cabinet, table lamp, office, desktop, armchair, graphite, iron, curbstone
  • The model consists of six pieces of office furniture.

    Brand: CB2

    1.mad black office chair Width: 620mm. Depth: 600mm. Height: 750mm.

    2. gris table lamp Depth: 320mm. Height: 500mm.

    3-4. tps 3-drawer & 2-drawer filing cabinet Width: 400mm. Depth: 500mm. Height: 700mm.

    5. go-cart rolling console table Width: 1400mm. Depth: 540mm. Height: 750mm.

    6. go-cart rolling desk Width: 1200mm. Depth: 600mm. Height: 750mm.

Comments (2)

Ideally suitable for the workplace on duty nurse in the clinic - those that are in the corridors are sitting.
Yes, and the table as a medical gurney can be applied. Or in the cabinet pathologist))