ChapelStreetLondon Porchester

                                    ChapelStreetLondon Porchester
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Corona)
  • 8.43 MB
  • 2017.01.04 10:27
  • Ethnic
  • chapelstreetlondon, porchester, chapel, street, london
  • Model POLY LO, LOW POLY, the stack is not minimized. W1300 X D450 X H660MM, The Porchester is an elegant stool that can either be used as a bed end ottoman or for additional seating in any tight spaces. We've seen it in hallways, alongside consoles, in fact anywhere you care to imagine. Can be supplied in any length to suit your requirements. The design is also available with sabots (optional) which adds an exquisite detail to finish it off.

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