Chevron Cowhide Rug RH

                                    Chevron Cowhide Rug RH
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Vray)
  • 8.93 MB
  • 2019.08.18 09:55
  • Ethnic
  • restoration hardware, rh, carpet, beige, sand, gray, brown, decor, pile, palace, mat, track, silk, wool, viscose, cotton, collection, floor, rug, reloft
  • Restoration Hardware Rug

    Slender zigzags highlight the natural beauty of our hair-on cowhide, hand cut and stitched into a mosaic of richly variegated color. Carefully selected for their harmonious shades, the hides are lightly sheared for smoothness underfoot.

    Crafted from premium undyed hair-on cowhide, our hand-pieced rug is distinguished by softness, rich texture and one-of-a-kind markings. Contemporary by design, each rug is artisan crafted and retains its natural variations in shading and pattern.

    model in 2013 (V-Ray) + obj. ======================================== other RH Rug: 

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