• Aniri-K 2 years ago
    mmmm, it remains only to bake.
  • Alleandra3D 2 years ago
    a naturalistic corpse of a chicken ... a model cool!
  • ewwa111 2 years ago
    I'll go sing :)
  • garik-3d 2 years ago
  • zuleika 2 years ago
  • Katauti_ 2 years ago
    Looks promising))
  • Kenji 2 years ago
  • Yoogeen 2 years ago
    modeled perfectly. +
  • hey_ley 2 years ago
    Nadzh was with vegetables to serve, maenezika, stuff apples, and then to the table, you look and Rolls
  • NAS087 2 years ago
    Standing modelka! :) Great!
  • Resolutiorj 2 years ago
    material look realistic 5+
  • screwu1993 2 years ago
    In the bed to put))
  • Zolty 2 years ago
    And rice and apples? Each grain of rice must be crushed.
    In the next necessarily with a crust baked.
  • a...rt 2 years ago
  • 4me 2 years ago
    just to fuck, sorry for my French !!!!!!!!
  • fill_art 2 years ago
  • Aktemelka 2 years ago
    The chicken is certainly gorgeous, but why are there so many polishes on the stand?
    • lis-220 2 years ago
      autorethop, often makes a grid equal throughout the area
  • Neptune 2 years ago
    Passed, but the appetite is gone.
  • terra3ds 2 years ago
    about received))
  • OkanE 2 years ago
    How to Live XDDDD
  • mr.dzhoker.1989 2 years ago
    She's like a picture!
    I can not believe even)))
    How much time spent on it?
    • lis-220 2 years ago
      well, you can say that almost a picture), this model performed on the principle of photogrammetry (scan). can google. in general, it took about a day or two.
      • Женька year ago
        Nichy "a day, two." Is not it easier then to get your hands done? Although there, of course, with the texture of hemorrhoids would have been.
        • lis-220 year ago
          Thank you. it is yes) but the goal is precisely in obtaining quality textures, display, normal and so on.
  • Kenty 2 years ago
    Half first remembered. headcrab)
  • denisova.a year ago
    seasoning a separate material?))
    • lis-220 year ago
      not. This is a model with the texture of marinated chicken)
  • egor98 year ago
    And how did you scan it?
  • ValeriiaDS 7 months ago
    Super, very realistic!
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Chicken | Henpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 58 MB
Date: 2018.07.12 23:24
Style: Ethnic
Material: Organics

High-quality model of the chicken. (scan)

Textures 8k px Albedo Ao Displacement (height) Bump Normal Curve

Vray 3.6 ggx 3dsmax 2014 Pleasant!