• ivanna 9 months ago
    My apologies. Inadvertently rated when looking at the phone. Beautiful model.
    • protektor 9 months ago
      And I'm already upset. It’s especially offensive to get low marks from you, we are friends)
    • Alex-virus 9 months ago
      Ratings can be changed at any time)
      • protektor 9 months ago
        This is great news !! Finally)))
      • ivanna 9 months ago
        I can’t do it (Or do I need to write a moderator?
        • protektor 9 months ago
          I don’t know, everything works for me, I checked it. The long-awaited feature.
          • ivanna 9 months ago
            Already tried to log in from the computer, it still does not work. I wrote to the moderator
          • ivanna 9 months ago
            The moderator said that there is no such function. And how did you do it? ;)
            • protektor 9 months ago
              I don’t know, but it works for me)))
            • Alex-virus 9 months ago
              Ha) Really does not work) I read on the forum that they want to do this but have not done it yet)
            • protektor 9 months ago
              And it seemed to me that it worked))), I’ve checked in your profile)). Then I clicked on five stars and it seemed to be pressed, but now I look, what not)
  • nazarova_as 5 months ago
    Hello, where can I order such a cabinet?
    • protektor 5 months ago
      Hello, you can order it at any furniture production, of which there are many in any city .. will be made to fit your size without any problems.
      • nazarova_as 5 months ago
        Mr. Dors said they couldn’t do this ...
  • highmoon 5 months ago
  • MaximRodnov 3 months ago
    The facades are crooked. If you buy a model for their sake, then it’s not worth it.
  • zutia321 2 months ago
  • Abdulloh_3D 2 months ago
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children's furniture_14pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 20 MB
Date: 2019.08.21 12:56
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood

Furniture composition for the nursery, made to order, size 2700 * 600 * 2750, The model is as convenient as possible for editing.