• Max_Man year ago
    Imagine what it cost the author to get refs. Well it runs and try it sfotat from two different angles in the same position. Easier to shoot))))
    • MoJIoKo year ago
      you better shoot
      • kolbasnikov year ago
        Milk, in kindergarten is not time?
        I put a minus for the disgusting comment, was offended and went to put a minus in another branch under any of my other comments. Plak - plak yes?
        • MoJIoKo year ago
          the poet's soul could not stand it and voila - comments about the kindergarten)) 0, it surprises me that people consider my commentary disgusting, and it about "shooting a dog" is funny and positive, although why should anyone be offended by the gygy hahahttps://memepedia.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/blank_b24cc5637bb9f5f4eacfc6272be2ae1a.jpg 
          • CGScience year ago
            I agree, it is better to shoot people! And what's the kindergarten?
            A disgusting comment should be considered - the comment "friend", which was written first.
            You would teach the mind-mind, so far you ...
            • X_N year ago
              It says that the dachshund is a very brisk and restless animal and nothing more. There is nothing there about the "shoot the dog." When they say "... everyone died of laughter," do you think that everyone really died? Lit on out of nowhere.
            • Pasha06062007 year ago
              Defenders of animal rights came)
            • CGScience year ago
              Deleted comment
    • AlexHappy year ago
      I didn't have to run after anyone. I found a couple of photos on the Internet, and painted the missing part with black / orange wool. But the photos were really not enough, so in some places the texture is not very clear.
    • tonik2002 year ago
      She herself with a blue laser from the eyes you shoot
    • kvartirkalab week ago
      yes it’s normal, it doesn’t always run))
  • egor98 year ago
    Rather, it is a clear dachshund.
  • Kefirchik year ago
    Great dachshund!
  • Pasha06062007 year ago
    Dachshund grid (Eyes - laser shoot)
  • Mare_NNN_a year ago
    You have melted my heart! I love this breed!
  • Filqwerty05 year ago
  • Sergio46 year ago
    This eyes)
  • vmv year ago
  • EkaterinaJolie year ago
    oh you god! what a miracle
  • пек year ago
  • SERGEYSV77 year ago
    Cool positive dog
  • subberjean year ago
    I do not want to extol once again, the author of the model is clear! But the wool would finish) paws too)
  • booka80 year ago
    At neighbors such. Runs, barks, stupid fool))) And the model, as always chic! +5
  • Sarbagyshev year ago
    Fox enemy! Steep!
  • cherkio year ago
    I give a tip, in the museum stuffed stuff a lot of good stuff and does not run anywhere)
  • Ydacha year ago
    TAX PUSH !!!!!
  • Gulya-3D year ago
    straight our neighbor Jackson!
    honey, though noisy.
    and some would do well to learn about a sense of humor. even if it is black humor.
  • Alex Bond year ago
    Pretty what))
  • sim-simopen year ago
    cool model!
  • terra year ago
    From me a separate respect! Dachshund is the favorite breed of dog! Super! Thank!
  • PavlikGlydza year ago
    UTB is just unreal cool
  • Glashaa year ago
    The expression of the taxin snout is full of restrained dignity!
  • X_N year ago
    Great job!
  • Yegor86 year ago
    Taxoid is gorgeous))
  • Haeron year ago
    Beauty! thank!
  • JulijaZh7 year ago
    Our friends have the same payphone, only with different eyes. He is harsh, always busy with something and likes to be the center of attention, Manson is called))
  • Ampir8 year ago
    Good boy
  • LINAARTKNARIK year ago
    What a nice! )))))) God!
    Wonderful taxi driver! HD
  • Tanya30 year ago
    And I don’t have much to model a Russian greyhound? ... I love them a lot and my hands are not from that place ... and the tiny pedigree dogs of the pedigree dogs do not have 5 fingers on their hind paws ... although maybe you didn’t do it ... I can see
  • GP3D year ago
    I love that he is just peeking into frame! Great work!
  • Hyga 9 months ago
    Awesome dog! Direction of view, it's cool!))) Thank you !!
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Black dachshundpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 16 MB
Date: 2018.10.27 16:09
Style: Classic
Material: Organics

3d model of a dachshund. ----------------------- - the eyes of the dachshund look at LookAt_Point, located in the scene (it can be moved, controlling the look of the dog), in OBJ there are just eyes. - suitable for long and medium angles - Rendered very quickly (Hair & Fur is missing). ----------------------- In the archive: 2014 and 2011 MAX (Corona + VRay) + OBJ + MTL 5874 polygons