• grol69 5 months ago
    this is the top
  • c3dm 5 months ago
    Accidentally, they didn’t announce a Christmas tree contest? Where such activity comes from, but the new year is still half a year
    • omnomn 5 months ago
      Waiting for the contest, but no: D
      Somehow it's a little tight with the time frame :)
      • c3dm 5 months ago
        And I, according to ancient chronology ...
  • Predator84 5 months ago
    Sheldon Cooper will be happy! PRO
  • vishenka-28 5 months ago
  • klubnichka93 5 months ago
    Fabulously =)
  • hey_ley 5 months ago
    why not do current for LT !!! ))))
  • Fruitgum 5 months ago
    Cool, but the background would have done, and not just black)
  • nicoolin 5 months ago
    Fire is a Christmas tree! The federation will not be happy, but I feel it’s time to do something with the moderation of the models, next to it the Nintendo model flew into PRO) there are so many questions and so few answers ...
  • EkaterinaJolie 5 months ago
    LT .... so how ??
    • omnomn 5 months ago
      In general, I noticed this only after comments :) I personally don’t care) most likely because this is the second tree, just for another engine, the first PRO, see the link in the description :)
      • EkaterinaJolie 5 months ago
        aaa second tree - the crime is solved!))
        it’s just sometimes it’s completely incomprehensible how moderators evaluate models, but here everything turns out to be by the rules
        • nicoolin 5 months ago
          Eminem court dismissed, snails recorded, avocado does not protest
  • zevsart 5 months ago
  • Димова1111 2 months ago
    Cool! thanks. With such a holiday tree I wanted))))) +5
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Christmas Tree 6. Coronapro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 133 MB
Date: 2019.12.11 19:20
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Paper Organics

Festive forest tree with gifts and decor :) Christmas tree height 1.5 m.

The model is made partially for smoothing (Turbosmooth disabled). All objects in the scene are logically grouped. The display of textures in the viewport is disabled. The garland is divided into components to facilitate the weight of the archive. Version for V-ray: https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/christmas_tree_6_vray 

Polygons: 2100940 Vertices: 2486665

In the archive: max 2012 Corona obj textures

Also, other Christmas or winter-themed decors that may come in handy: - exterior decoration: https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/rozhdestvenskii_dekor_1  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/rozhdestvenskii_dekor_2  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/rozhdestvenskii_dekor_vkhodnaia_gruppa_1  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/v_gostiakh_u_santa_klausa  - serving: https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/siervirovka_stola_7_1  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/siervirovka_stola_5_1  - Christmas trees: https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/christmas_tree_10  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/christmas_tree_2_1  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/christmas_tree_3_2  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/christmas_tree_4_1  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/christmas_tree_5_1  - fireplaces and other decor: https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/iskusstviennyi_kamin_so_sviechami_i_rozhdiestvienskim_diekorom_2  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/iskusstviennyi_kamin_so_sviechami_i_rozhdiestvienskim_diekorom  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/iskusstvennyi_kamin_s_rozhdestvenskim_dekorom_3  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/iskusstvennyi_kamin_s_rozhdestvenskim_dekorom_4  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/winter_flowers_set  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/shchelkunchiki  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/dekorativnyi_nabor_9_3  https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/iskusstvennyi_kamin_s_rozhdestvenskim_dekorom_5 

Upcoming holidays!) Enjoy using)