• ElizabethBess 2 years ago
    Cool! and the crown is not able to do such a down (((
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      What are you talking about? Render in the crown is made)
      • ElizabethBess 2 years ago
        wow cool!
        • Yoogeen 2 years ago
          Thank you!) Yes, since version 1.7, the hair problem was somehow solved in the crown)
  • grol69 2 years ago
    Beautiful and neat work! thank
  • 3d Vlad 2 years ago
    Cool Very beautiful model !!!
  • Vika2012 2 years ago
    Thank!!! Very cool) and beautiful)
  • ewwa111 2 years ago
    Inhuman beauty :)
  • karina_mayer 2 years ago
    Cool! highly!! Sorry 4 accidentally clicked instead of 5 ((((
  • Эния 2 years ago
    It's just AAA!)) Knitted plaid chic!
  • Max_Man 2 years ago
    Super model !!! But can I damage? ))) There is one element of Cyrillic geometry in the title ...
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      Thank you, I will be more careful !! )
  • remuhin 2 years ago
    Very cool! Materials just gorgeous!
  • alina1234 2 years ago
    Beautiful model, thank you!
    I have all the scenes in centimeters, now I have broken my head how to reconfigure the hair on the rug and pillow. What parameters to correct in the first place?
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      In the Hair and Fur modifier, expand the Scroll Tools and click Regrow Hair - the wool should "grow" in normal size, as on the preview)
  • _petrushka_ 2 years ago
    Wool is just a bomb !!! Incredible realism!
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      I confess and myself repeated the "crown what you do" when I watched the render
  • vasilieva 2 years ago
    Kaaif what !!! Thank you so much for such a high-quality model!
    Thanks for the file in Vira !!)) And a special thank you for the comment, on setting up the wool! :)
  • Traktorist 2 years ago
    God, you are my, the model is so nice, polygons are neat, light, sun you, thank you.
  • Sinyayeva 2 years ago
    Thank you so much, I bought this beauty)))
  • choussan 2 years ago
    For once, the toad let go of her throat and croaked: "buy"! More often in the category of "pro" come across so cool models. Thank!
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      )) and thank you! Enjoy using it!
  • oleg_avkhatov 2 years ago
    and how much time did it take to create this beauty?
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      this is “how I spent the New Year holidays”)) and from January 5 to January 6 I worked more than a day without sleep to finish and have time to lay out. I remember with pain)) but in fact more, the bed was already there, this is an old order, and I also started “knitting” the pillow in a couple of weeks, when there was time.
  • Lumer 2 years ago
    Gorgeous model! Very high quality!
  • Yoogeen year ago
    Friends who, when you open a file, the hair looks disproportionately large or small,
    go to the Hair & Fur modifier and in the Tools scroll, click on Regrow Hair - the hair will become normal.
    This is due to the fact that different people work in different System Unit - some in mm, some in cm and so on.
  • Melisa55 11 months ago
    plaid like real, looks cool
  • Nata-li.70 7 months ago
    I start rendering and max crashes. Although the stage is still completely empty, only the bed (((I tried it several times already. What could be the problem? Very heavy scenes always render fine.
    • Yoogeen 7 months ago
      It's hard to say, for a long time I have not encountered departures.
      And in what render?
  • Nata-li.70 7 months ago
    I work with 16 max. Everything is always fine, even with very difficult scenes. Did everything as you said with the pile. but it flies out (((I removed the pillow and the blanket and everything became fine. But bliiin ... I bought it because of them ... it's insulting ...
    • Yoogeen 7 months ago
      What do you render - I mean the engine. Corona or Virey
  • Nick_pan 2 years ago
  • Elena_71 2 years ago
    Cool!!! Delightful work !!!
  • NAS087 2 years ago
    Gorgeous! :)
  • mynk 2 years ago
  • mjrism 2 years ago
  • antongvozdikov 2 years ago
    Beautiful blanket!
  • 3dddvik 2 years ago
    Cool model))))))
  • designa86 2 years ago
  • Dogeva 2 years ago
    Ethnic? o0
    • Yoogeen 2 years ago
      just now noticed. Strange, the headboard looks exactly like a classic)
  • MksMitote 2 years ago
  • rafa 2 years ago
    Cool modelka. THX.
  • dfWER 2 years ago
    Beautiful !! Thank you very much!!
  • ereju 2 years ago
    nice work
  • lion186 2 years ago
  • Nikamanika year ago
    Such an impressive work!!
  • Wolh year ago
    elegant fur
  • 2RMedia year ago
  • reyhaneh2004 year ago
    So good
  • Azra900011 year ago
  • sahraroz year ago
  • viki 3d 8 months ago
    5 +++!
  • Nata-li.70 7 months ago
  • PhotonicStudio 3 months ago
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"CLASSIC" by Greco Strom + Zara Home linenpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 95 MB
Date: 2019.01.06 12:22
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Ethnic
Material: Fabric Leather

"CLASSIC" by Greco Strom + Zara Home linen

The archive contains:

Bed "CLASSIC" from Greco Strom Berth size: 2000 x 2000mm Headboard height: 1450mm

Bedding Zara Home Art. 1418088 Knitted pillow 50 x 50 cm Knitted plaid 180 x 140 cm Table lamp and jug from the same set (see photo reference in the archive)

Tynd Bedside Cabinet (Unika Moblar) Dimensions: 510mm x 360mm x 620mm (h)


Scene saved in 3dsMax 2011 + OBJ for Corona Render (PBR, 1.7 or higher), Vray (GGX) Both versions are in the same .max file, delete unnecessary.

The archive contains original high resolution textures. If possible, left low poly geometry + TurboSmooth.

http://en.grecostrom.gr  http://unikamoblar.ru/kopmann