• pankration4444 year ago
    Well, who needs it? You write that this is a FULL-FORMAT image - that is, it corresponds to the size of a sheet of this plastic 3050 x 1300 mm - but this is NOT so.
    • bestprogram 5 months ago
      Did you download the texture or judge by the preview?
      you can work with such a texture without problems.
  • romejrd 5 months ago
    the texture is of high quality, if some under-designers can't apply it correctly, that's their problem. Before calling something garbage, sort out the garbage in your head.
  • forestcat89 month ago
    normal texture
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CLEAF HPL S141 Sablefree


model details

Platform: Текстура
Size: 88 MB
Date: 2019.07.18 16:22
Style: Modern

Full-format image of HPL CLEAF plastic HPL plastic is a multifunctional material that is widely used for coating panels in the production of finishing materials and furniture. Applied 1. Furniture for kitchen and bathrooms, school and office furniture, built-in furniture. 2. Wall panels, doors and window sills. 3. Plastic worktops. 4. Cabins of elevators. 5. Walls, partitions and ceilings of wagons of trains and ships, internal surfaces of public transport: trams, trolley buses and buses. Sheet size: 3050 x 1300 mm. Manufacturer: CLEAF company (Italy). https://www.cleaf.it  Exclusive distributor in Russia - ALF International Group. http://www.alfint.ru