Coffee trafaret

                                    Coffee trafaret
  • 3dsMax 2011 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 17.40 MB
  • 2019.09.09 15:06
  • Modern
  • stencil, cutting, layout, vector, laser, coffee, trafaret, railing, hook, kitchen, cinnamon
  • A set of stencils made of plywood (laser cut) for decorating coffee with drawings of ground cinnamon or cocoa. The set of 8 stencils with various patterns and kitchen chrome railing with hooks.

    ATTENTION!!! The most important thing in this set is a cdr file with a layout of all these stencils. By sending this file to the laser cutting closest to you, in the morning you can pamper your favorite aromatic coffee with foam and cinnamon pattern. Let such little things decorate your relationship. Love to all!!!

    Polys: 207016 Verts: 106884

    Beautiful renderings!

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An example result with these stencils is