• Yura_russia year ago
    It looks cool
  • uzarx year ago
    Wow! This is a Black Swift!
  • hey_ley year ago
    cool, just this is necessary to enrich the scene, super
  • V.Dolgalev year ago
    Sorry for the bird (((
  • Olia.OK.Korp year ago
    Very cool!
  • artsandsver year ago
    the cat somehow caught and devoured it before my eyes.
    • firecrest year ago
      poor birdie -- domestic cats are a big menace to our wildlife!
  • jefers year ago
  • natka_vassabi year ago
    Super! Live birds, what you need. Thank!
  • sahraroz 9 months ago
  • 3Dshade 7 months ago
    How I love them! Last year, one fell on my balcony, lies flat in the corner. I put it in a spacious box, and then ran for half a day to both the veterinarian and the pet store, looking for something to feed. My dog caught a fly, I snatched it out and offered it to the bird, but he turned away. Everything turned out to be simple. It was a chick fed by caring parents, which could not take off when the time came, and he just waited for it to lose 4-5 grams. So nature laid! The next morning he flew away. Oh, joy!)) But I found out that on the Internet there is a whole "sect" for saving swifts. Thank you, I took it!
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Common swiftpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 3 MB
Date: 2019.07.13 10:46
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Classic
Material: Organics

Common Swift - Apus Apus Common in the skies of Europe, Asia and Africa. Feel the summer!

6 variants, about 4000 polygons each + turbosmooth Good for background or medium range shots Materials with opacity map and translucency for wing margins