• lev.katya year ago
    For the first time I see something similar from models. Cool! Thank you.
  • agentsky year ago
    I will write a comment in contrast to Katia deployed and in the case. The archive is geometry covered just textures. What would you understand is just boxes with textures ... everything ... no elaboration or details. I do not understand why they gave the status of pro. If you look closely at the scene, the geometry intersects.
    • Sergio46 year ago
      It seems the 2nd picture with the presence of the grid is not just ...
      • agentsky year ago
        yes yes, only in this picture there are no details, make another 1 picture with the side of the column where you can see, for example, a pen, so that everyone would understand that this is a box with two polystyrene extrudes and the usual textures of which are a bunch on the Internet. but oh well. then you have no complaints. There is a claim for the status of missile defense .... for something? where is the model? I'm going to launch a cat on the keyboard, he will potter, it will turn out one to one the same as in the 2nd picture with the grid
    • HelloWorld2017 week ago
      Thank you very much for the comment, I wanted a farm with a speaker mount, but I thought better of it.
      Honestly, on this resource I periodically encounter very absurd models in the section of "paid" ones.
      Sorry I can’t find, recently I saw a great example in the tables. There was a stupid box with a granite texture and 5-7 randomly curved polygons. I am not kidding. In the pro section. Xs what are they guided by when they approve, and who shakes it at all.

      No offense to the author, the model looks good, and sometimes finding, processing, applying high-quality textures, and then clearly highlighting them, is no easier than sticking a highly detailed model. The work really looks good, although it did not swing.

      I just decided to comment on the real absurdity of some decisions on the “pro” status on this site.
  • OwlMagic year ago
    a gun ! thank you
  • guilli.freire 11 months ago
    Supercool!!! Quick render and lowpoly. Perfect for my purpose.
  • diesonne_65 10 months ago
    Sorry, of course, but what is there to do about it is completely incomprehensible. When importing into a lumion file with a resolution of obj, it is not displayed at all.
  • баирчик 8 months ago
    Thank you for the work! The main thing it saves time! And for what they gave or didn’t give a missile defense, I don’t care!
  • schefango 5 months ago
    I agree with agentsky, the model is not worth the money, sorry to read the comments after the purchase ..
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