Corona Batch Image Editor GUI⁣

                                    Corona Batch Image Editor GUI⁣
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  • 2019.07.04 13:05
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  • This is a 3dsMax script that can be generated with the Corona Image Editor or Corona frame buffer. ⁣ version 1.20 update: added naming pattern definition using the wildcard character "*" and "?" config for multiple config file with multiple files on the list (requested) added support for corona 3.0, 4.0 and above

    notes: ⁣ Corona renderer installed.⁣ No need for corona to install in the default directory. corona installation directory by itself. itself it will save each processed files. So if you have files with multiple folders. ⁣ you can choose your file I love you in the future.⁣ ⁣ installation: ⁣ Just extract the zip file into the "MOHSENI" category in "customize user interface> toolbars". ⁣ optional: restart max one more time.⁣

    video of script: 

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