• Yehat 2 years ago
    The weight in the archive was 666 bytes)
  • koslev 2 years ago
    And how can it be useful, for example?
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      It is needed for large scenes with a bunch of species. For example, if you need to send 10-20 cameras to render in a scene, it's easier to create one animated camera with this script and send the entire sequence to render at a time than to do it one at a time.
      • MastaMan 2 years ago
        I approve of a very useful thing!
      • Rostislav1985 2 years ago
        And if these cameras also have animated frames, will it collect everything - in a big animation? or only statics.
        • Yehat 2 years ago
          Oh, did not check. Interesting idea. But you can try!
  • antonyta 2 years ago
  • artsandsver 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • Bare 2 years ago
    +.....incremental add to Irradiance map, could lower render times for 10-25%, for the interiors.
    Great job!
  • artrender.info 2 years ago
    Thank you! We will test)
  • Bare 2 years ago

    I guees it is due to new physical camera?
    If you could correct this it would be awesome!
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      You can try to merge Vray camera from any old scene, and then make a copies of it.
  • anmolrgohil 2 years ago
    how to use this???
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      The name explains itself.
  • anmolrgohil 2 years ago
    can any one plz explain???...bcz i m learning interior walkthrough animation...and i think its usefull.
  • NewTen 2 years ago
    I can not understand what is better than a normal batch render?
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      It's a bit of another opera and it's not directly related to the batch.
  • Zegalon 2 years ago
    This is just what i want but, it doesn't work 2014 :(
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      The version of 3dsmax does not matter. This only works with the vray physical camera.
  • Carpenter_M 2 years ago
    And what is different from the track script?
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      I do not know, he did not. You can open it in notepad, compare the code. The claim to the old eXcimera script was that it did not create a camera by its name, but by some other criterion.
  • lamzsla 2 years ago
  • Merta 2 years ago
    Why scripts if there is a built-in Batch render? to especially for vray.
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      These are different things for different purposes.
  • Reiiishi 2 years ago
    Yehat, and teach him to first consider the live keystone in the flytrou mode for all frames, and then switch to the fre mode file, and assume that everyone already wants IM or brute? Is this possible?
    • Yehat 2 years ago
      Hardly. At 3dtsentre you can excavate a similar script, it was such a thing. But this is all the last century.
  • LIN11116 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • Shahbaaz03 2 years ago
    how to install in 3ds max 2017? plz advice me
    • Yehat year ago
      Just select Vray Cameras and run script.
  • DagSergio year ago
    does not work for 2018 ... if there is a new version ??
    • Yehat year ago
      I did not check, but Max's version for the script should not matter. This script works only with Vray Camera.
      • DagSergio year ago
        well, the camera is dead. Track had a script, but he began to be capricious. The script was vital. Ambush
        • Yehat year ago
          Yes, time passes, everything changes. Well ... or get somewhere Vray Camera (from old scenes, for example), or replace in the body of the script with a camera to the camera you want.
          • DagSergio year ago
            I'm zero in scripts ... I can not even write it. (Without a script like that, no hands at all.
            • Yehat year ago
              I, too, are not belle in Maxscript. Me and this script helped the local.
            • DagSergio year ago
              ))))))) But the board with the script fixed the script)) I'm trying to and so and so put the PhysCamera, and he himself is neither a boom))))))
            • Yehat year ago
              I understand logic, but in the syntax, there is no boom.
  • Jabaly 2 months ago
  • Miktor 3 weeks ago
    super everything works 2018 max
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Create animation Vray camera from still Vray cameras.free


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 666 Bytes
Date: 2017.08.15 18:05
Style: Classic

A script to create an animated Vray camera from all static Vray cameras in the scene.

Originally written by the user ecXimer, the functional is corrected by Jähman '.

Usage: run the script (MAXScript - Run script). It will create a new camera and animation frames corresponding to the number of source cameras. All camera properties are animated and copied to the new camera.