Custom Sereno Handwoven Sisal Rug RH

                                    Custom Sereno Handwoven Sisal Rug RH
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Vray)
  • 17.54 MB
  • 2019.10.02 18:16
  • Ethnic
  • restoration hardware, rh, carpet, beige, gray, sand, palace, pile, mat, track, wool, reloft
  • Restoration Hardware Rug

    Create a custom rug for any space with our exclusive made-to-measure program, which offers a curated selection of exceptional solid and patterned styles. Tailored to order in one-foot increments, the bespoke rugs can be sized to fit any space - small, large or uniquely proportioned, including stairways. Superb craftsmanship, enduring quality and unparalleled artistry are hallmarks of every rug.

    Entwined strands of sisal are woven by hand to create Sereno's multilayered loops. Crisscrossed by fine sisal twists, they anchor the weave and produce undulating waves of texture.

    model in 2013 (V-Ray) + obj. ======================================== other RH Rug: 

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