• atlanti week ago
    Sorry, but this is a fantasy on the DAF theme, and trucks on the rear axle usually have dual tires (2 wheels per side). Containers have their own standards. In general, learn the mat part
    • Paltarasch week ago
      So this is an unusual truck ...
      • foad3d week ago
        Low-detail models also have their own customer
    • foad3d week ago
      yes but Low-detail models also have their own customer
    • 3d Vlad week ago
      Not well, there are just inverted twin wheels, so that can be done quickly =)
      • foad3d week ago
        I am not a simulator and this model is based on the image I had
    • rendering.by week ago
      Sorry, but for this price, this model is worthy of all praise, and sticking a couple of wheels to the axle is not a big problem. Some discrepancies in dimensions or geometry can be noted, but it sounds like something with a claim, they say, the author is a jamb. Got sick!
  • Seliverstone week ago
    Handsome men.
  • Beautiful...
  • minasayadi week ago
    Very nice
  • farokh week ago
  • 4sef week ago
    Good model
  • eragon624 week ago
    vrey good
  • reyhaneh2004 week ago
    So good
  • nareh week ago
  • Paltarasch week ago
    Laborious work, like for perseverance.
  • jahangraph week ago
    great model
  • Eg0rr week ago
    The author, you are well done and do not be very upset. The "commentator" does not know much about the issue. FXs can have a different number of axles at the rear, including one ...
    • foad3d week ago
      yes exactly I do not care about negative comments, thank you
      • sollers week ago
        Where is the negative? They wrote you a remark, in your case they need to be taken into account, and further developed, but you do not care ...
        • foad3d week ago
          I do exactly the same. This is a model that suits my taste
          • atlanti week ago
            With my comments, I did not bear any negative, but only pointed out inaccuracies. Of course, it all depends on what the model is made for, for different situations. Somewhere at least cubes, but somewhere close to reality. As for the axles, I quite understand this for myself, and a single-sided trolley is usually placed on 3 axles and is lifting. I will not flood further, forgive me if I really hurt anyone
            • foad3d week ago
              You are more experienced and you are right. Thank you for your comments
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Daf xfpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 51 MB
Date: 2020.07.24 15:32
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

Daf xf 3dsmax version: 2015 color: Red - White - Black unwrap: some objects obj - fbx - 3dsmax file Polygon: 270.907 https://upinja.com/up/preview1_b3b6d.jpg  https://upinja.com/up/preview4_e26a8.jpg  https://upinja.com/up/preview7.jpg 


daf, xf, dafxf, truck, car