• Kaspersky 6 years ago
    I have one question. How is it horrible?
  • X_N 6 years ago
    And the usual weld does not fit?
  • shizgara 6 years ago
    something sharp starvars wanted to revise
  • s9 6 years ago
    Typical weld is suitable when objects 1-2,
    and if 1000 objects this thing just right
  • chima 6 years ago
    Thank you. Try
  • Ricon 6 years ago
    There is a Vertex Weld modifier with the same function.
  • olhorobot 6 years ago
    hi! doesn't it work with linked autocad files?
  • b19 6 years ago
    Thank you
  • Vikosi 5 years ago
    And why kada geometry in the scene do I need ?????? This deformity rather than geometry! Hands have to tear off for it!
    • cbapog 4 years ago
      Yeah, I was quickly on her Polikom peremodelivayu snapingu to Vertex and delete nah
      • wosser2 2 years ago
        And how can an archcade be transferred to max? tell me? )
  • NevaBlack 4 years ago
    Thank useful thing :)
  • Maketer 4 years ago
    It would be useful for the splines)
  • Ruden`ka 3 years ago
    And on what versions work? Launches in 2014 and 2016 - did not work
  • nazarrrr 2 years ago
    In max 2014 does not work (
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Platform: Script
Size: 121 KB
Date: 2013.02.16 02:35
Style: Modern

Weld'it vertex of the selected objects. It is useful for models of AutoCAD and arhikada.