De Castelli Convivium Dining Table

                                    De Castelli Convivium Dining Table
  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Corona)
  • 16.63 MB
  • 2019.09.16 14:55
  • Classic
  • de, castelli, decastelli, dinner, dining, table, outdoor, village, vintage, old, agging, copper, gold, golden, brass, restaurant, silver, sterling
  • GENERAL De Castelli Convivium Dining Table // High quality modeling that is detailed, excellent for close-up, and architectural visualization. Units used: cm // Model is scaled to real world. Layer name: de castelli convivium Model created with 3ds Max 2017 Native Max file (3ds Max 2014) setup with V-Ray renderer and V-Ray materials

    ADDITIONAL NOTES Corona rendering has not been tested. If you have problems, use your own meterial settings. All preview images are rendered with V-Ray No postproduction used Materials are named logically. Objects in the files are named logically. Model centered at origin. Unique and meaningful names for objects, materials, textures.

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