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Decorative set_decoraholic_№1pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 27 MB
Date: 2017.12.28 01:17
Style: Modern
Material: Glass


Vray and Corona 3ds max 2012

Polys 448 204 Verts 279 213

HOURS HOUSE SMALL CLOCK - THE HOUSE IS SMALL Size / dimension 14х4,5х18,5cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/detkam/chasyi-domik-malyiy/ 

HOURS LARGE HOURS CLOCK - THE HOUSE IS BIG Size / dimension 13x4,5x30cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/detkam/chasyi-domik-bolshoy/ 

SET OF WOODEN HORSES / A SET OF WOODEN HORSES The size of a large horse is 17x19x3cm, small / 12x13x3cm. http://decoraholic.ru/shop/dekor-doma/predmety/nabor-derevyannyih-loshadok/ 

THE PIANO CLOUD WHITE Ceramics. Frosted gloss / Ceramics. Matte shine Size / dimension 12x7x3cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/detkam/piala-cloud-belaya/ 

STUFF CLOUD DROP STUFF CLOUD DROP Size / dimension 8.5x5.5x3cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/detkam/sousnitsa-cloud-kapelka/ 

NET OF 4 DEVICES / NET OF 4 DEVICES GOLD AND WHITE http://decoraholic.ru/shop/posuda/slolovye-pribory/set-priborov-gold-white/ 

DAMAGE PAPER PACKAGE DAMAGE PAPER PACKAGE Dimensions / dimension 7h8h9, 5 cm. Volume / bulk 350ml http://decoraholic.ru/shop/posuda/aksessuary/molochnik-bumazhnyiy-paket/ 

JUST LOVE / VASE VASE Height / Height 16cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/dekor-doma/vazyi_butyli/vaza-just-love/ 

VAZA FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS / Vase Height / Height 20cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/dekor-doma/vazyi_butyli/vaza-follow-your-dreams/ 

PLATE / plate SERENITY Pottery, diameter / Pottery, diameter 23cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/posuda/tarelki/tarelka-serenity/ 

PLATE / plate GOLDEN BURST Diameter / diameter 35cm http://decoraholic.ru/shop/posuda/tarelki/tarelka-golden-burst/