Decor for the kitchen in loft style

                                    Decor for the kitchen in loft style
  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Vray)
  • 52.19 MB
  • 2017.07.16 09:54
  • Ethnic
  • set, kitchen, dishes, loft, flowers, hanging, bouquet, candles, napkins, dining table, glasses, zhostovo painting, concrete, currant, plants, garland, decor, tableware, candle, pottery
  • I want to offer you a set of models that perfectly fit into the kitchen in loft style. The model includes a table, (I did not find the original designer, because now too many companies produce it), laura letinksy dishes, table decor (candles with a garland of leaves around, feathers, appliances, napkins, apples), a composition of flowers over Table with leaves of tobacco, currant and bay leaf. And a concrete wall with a list of paintings based on the Zhostovo painting. I really hope that you will like this model and will find new homes and surroundings!

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Super! Thanks for the work)