Decorative partition

                                    Decorative partition
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Corona)
  • 4.56 MB
  • 2018.07.10 23:06
  • Ethnic
  • lattice, pattern, screen, partition, wall decor, geometric pattern, panel, brass
  • The model includes 5 different decorative partitions with a vegetable pattern, and composed of them a screen on the hinges.

    The size of one panel including the frame: Length: 620mm Height: 3020mm Thickness: 40mm

    Material: brass The library of materials is attached. Render is made in Corona 1.5

    The model was modeled in 2017 version 3ds max in the future the file was saved in 2014 version 3ds max and also in the format FBX 2006.

    In the Polys scene: 81 812 Verts: 89,656

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