• NAS087 3 years ago
    Each your work is splendor! :) Definitely +5
  • ND_3D 3 years ago
    With each of your work there is only one question, but it sounds louder: HOW ?!
    PS work as always amazing. Thank you.
  • ewwa111 3 years ago
    each new model is more magnificent than the previous one!
  • ivanna 3 years ago
    Superb, superb, delicious! The case where you can admire every detail and even render the grid.
  • Max_Man 3 years ago
    Confess what you did with honey? A simulator or pens? If the simulator is what? :)
    • Dima110 3 years ago
      In Zbrush, as usual) The principle is similar to the one that in the lesson about chocolate was recently. Only stains on the jar and fritters through a mask and extract.
      • CGScience 3 years ago
        There is one resonance ... The chopping board is so worn out,
        why are the remaining accessories (bank, tool for nuts) not deformed?)
        In my opinion, it looked more logical and natural.

        In general, of course it's good =)
        • Dima110 3 years ago
          Objects can be new and washed, if not compose a special background) They are not connected with each other in any way, besides, the board more often participates in various processes.
          For fun, I can throw off one of the pictures, there the board is even brutal despite the new walnut, it looks interesting. Although it may still have missed something, I did this model in parallel with the previous one, I'm tired of this topic)

        • tony_black 2 years ago
          For everything excellent is always the norm, good or usual. I do not know what should be ideal for you) Dima's brother, you're just a Master with a magic wand from Hogwarts ...
  • Добрострой 3 years ago
  • Rostislav1985 3 years ago
    Well, it's just fucking!
  • kok-vad 3 years ago
    Yes, everything, a new master!
  • Julia19 3 years ago
    Oreeeshki klaaasssss)))) and in general all klaaaass)
  • Barbatana 3 years ago
    Amazing shaders...honey, nuts...everything looks like a photo:)
  • natka_vassabi 3 years ago
    You can not be so realistic. I'm on a diet.
  • Zurel 3 years ago
    Hmm, how not to respect your work in order to sell it for $ 2))))
    the work is super-ideal, such a job is worth more than nnnoooooooo expensive ... chm 2 dollars) soon you guys will sell for $ 0.000000001 $ your work)) and the registration for 3ddd receive a dropper to at least somehow live)))
  • ASPiter 3 years ago
    This is a very serious level. How many hear conversations about the depreciation of the work of fashion designers, but we all do it ourselves (it is clear that taking all the conditions). But how such work and much more that appeared on the site in recent times can be so inadequate? I do not understand....
  • rudabilka12 3 years ago
    This pipets as SHIKAR !!!!!!!!!! The level is sooo high and I agree with the previous comment that such models could be more expensive)
  • dark_g 2 years ago
    Krutetskaya work !!!!! 5 - definitely!
  • MoJIoKo 2 years ago
    it is necessary to arrange a strike chtoah hahaha for raising prices, etc. and etc.
  • gidraaa 2 years ago
    Super model! What you need ... thank you! 5
  • Yoogeen 2 years ago
    The renders are very super, the grid is amazing! +
  • LadyM 2 years ago
    Generally "fatty", in the good sense of the word! Klasssss !!!
  • vlad_24 2 years ago
    just no words ... very cool .... thanks!
  • NSO year ago
    Dima, Please respond in PM!
    Thank you!
  • Маленькая_86 11 months ago
    Mega cool set! Great model! Thank you so much!!!!
  • Mehdish9595 2 months ago
    veryyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyy niceeee model
  • Archis3d 3 years ago
  • urodi 3 years ago
  • Mrk_design 3 years ago
    realism is off scale)))
  • grol69 3 years ago
    Pretty boy)
    masters can ..
  • Женька 3 years ago
    magically, as always
  • cgalex 3 years ago
  • 3dklad83 3 years ago
    Useful yummy)
  • Makc2017sm 3 years ago
  • usov.80 3 years ago
    Very convincing!
  • magicofflowers2012 3 years ago
  • newzboy 3 years ago
    Bomb =)
  • Iuliiaeit 3 years ago
  • petrovich23rus 3 years ago
    beautiful, magical, master!
  • armon 3 years ago
    You are a genius!
  • hey_ley 3 years ago
  • crankdxb 3 years ago
    Brilliant job!
  • geodez 3 years ago
    what is unreal
  • Natashazaza 2 years ago
  • Lerundriya 2 years ago
    Very beautiful
  • Lerundriya 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • nikitoshka 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • koshees 2 years ago
  • dmitrysochi year ago
  • Yuliia Tsiapa year ago
    DIVINE !!!! Thank you very much !!!!
  • Magomed Mirzaev year ago
  • Italtras year ago
  • Someone else23 9 months ago
    true aesthetic pleasure)))
  • sts-2012 7 months ago
  • polinka3000 4 months ago
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... how delicious!))))
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Polys: 322,314

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