Decorative set

                                    Decorative set
  • 3dsMax 2015 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 115.61 MB
  • 2019.06.10 22:17
  • Modern
  • decor, san knot, su, soap, jars, labruket, brush, toothbrush, paste, toilet, paper, rope, rack, shelves, glass, shampoo, gel, sponges, cotton wool, ikea, rensher, bath, decorative set, hair dryer
  • Decorative set

    https://www.ikea.com/ru/ru/catalog/products/20358116/?icid=a1:iba|a2:ru|a3:product_carousel|a4:products|a6:bathroom>front|a7:ecom|a9 : 20358116 | cc: 915

    Who works in the V-Ray version is lower than 3.1. Be careful, in the materials in the BRDF section there is a Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is preferable to you.

    For Corona render, it is recommended to install a version not lower than 1.5, since the glossiness of materials is adjusted to PBR

    Enjoy using and successful projects =)

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