H & M Decorative Set

                                    H & M Decorative Set
  • 3dsMax 2016 + fbx (Corona)
  • 18.85 MB
  • 2019.01.28 12:34
  • Modern
  • home fragrances, hm, h & m, tray, dispenser, casket, candle
  • 1. Rectangular wooden tray. The size is about 4x14x40 cm. The color is dark natural.

    2. Ceramic dispenser for liquid soap. Diameter 7 cm, height 18.5 cm (together with the pump). White colour.

    3. Round metal tray with a low edge. The inner surface is velvet, below the legs. Height is about 2 cm, diameter is 25 cm. Color is golden / claret.

    4. Aromatic candle in a glass candlestick with a bubbly surface. Diameter 7.8 cm, height 9 cm. Color white, Misted Patchouli

    5. Round box made of glazed ceramics with a lid. The diameter of the box is 13 cm, the diameter of the lid is 9 cm. The height of the box is 7 cm. The color is muted pink.

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