Wooden panel. Collection 50

                                    Wooden panel. Collection 50
  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Vray)
  • 8.28 MB
  • 2017.10.10 22:17
  • Ethnic
  • a cafe, menu, board, panel, tree, wooden decor, picture, signboard
  • Models: - creativecoop - DE2940A. Recipe For Succes, Love, Friendship, Happiness - Woodprintz - but first coffee

    Tags: Coffee sign art, Kitchen print Wood art wall, art decor, Panel, Menu Menu, recipe, happiness, love, success board, panel, panel, wood, wooden decor, painting, wall signboard bar, pub, kitchen loft, ethno, eco, rustic

    In the archive: Max, FBX, mat, textures Scale: mm

    The rest of the panels are here: http://3ddd.ru/users/flamenezo 

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Great job, textures look so vintage and rustic.