Dfc training apparatus

                                    Dfc training apparatus
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  • 2019.09.10 09:57
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  • sport, gym, dfc, iron, barbell, training apparatus
  • DFC brand Home use Type of load free weight (wheels) Exercises bench press, flexion and extension of the legs in the knee joint, traction from above, butterfly stroke. Frame sturdy, durable construction with impact resistant enamel coating Length see 159 Width in working order see 124 Height in working condition see 211 Additional parameters max. total load: 200 kg .; sleeve bore diameter: 25 mm .; the levers of the foot block are equipped with soft rollers; Package weight (gross) kg. 34 Type of power complex Power station Muscle Group Hip Biceps Exercise Machine, Hip Exercise Equipment, Chest Exercise Equipment, Leg Exercise Equipment, Shoulder Exercise Equipment, Hand Exercise Machine, Back Exercise Machine, Triceps Exercise Machine In stock Few Category Power Systems

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