• al-rassom 5 years ago
  • Gustavlegion 5 years ago
    Beauty, glass went all super!
  • Obama 5 years ago
    Cool. Boom to take!
  • Origin 5 years ago
    Thanks. Very pleased that the base is replenished models with koronamatami.
    • Vizz_Аrt 5 years ago
      This is a joy that texture Koronovskii and who is not. But thanks to the author do not be lazy and do in two versions! 5
      • ewwa111 5 years ago
        Texture - a jpg image (on a simple-picture) - they are used to create materials :) but the materials - already belong to render. Made in 2 versions - because for myself I know - as sometimes happens lazy to look for additional plugins and scripts to alter a model - until she was on viree- not download models made for the crown is only for this reason - and therefore take care of their buyers. All nice renderings.
      • Iskro`man 5 years ago
        because it already exists with skriptets crown in Wray, right hands and his head will still have to work.
        • ewwa111 5 years ago
          I know that suschestvuet- but that additional work - for example, I try not to load more than max - that was less glitches - but you never know what the reasons may be the person - not to use what he is not particularly necessary.
          • Gustavlegion 5 years ago
            Og), I have the following model made in 2 versions)). I was surprised that it is generally for people was the difficulty.
          • Vizz_Аrt 5 years ago
            Who did not blame the author (I'm on Gustavlegion) Even in turnover to thank the author for having patience while we work to facilitate and our time !!! As for you ewwa111 you generally provided in two versions for this is our low bow (+) thanks)))
  • nguyenvandoan 5 years ago
    Great model + corona ! I like it !
  • tasha-- 5 years ago
  • Niggas 5 years ago
  • newzboy 5 years ago
    Thanks =)
  • naumov-interior 5 years ago
    Great model! This is a very nice, thanks!
  • desten 5 years ago
    Very good! Thanks)
  • Andresko 5 years ago
  • toxRq 5 years ago
    Thank you! For a single crown bow ;-)
  • Batillo 4 years ago
    great job!)
  • kaxim 4 years ago
    Cool.! Excellent,!
  • kara_kyrt 4 years ago
    Thank you!!!
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Decorative composition 05 / Decorative set 05pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 30 MB
Date: 2015.07.16 22:58
Style: Ethnic
Material: Glass Stone

Decorative set for the kitchen. Available in two versions: Corona and Vray. Low-poly models, so do not forget to include a tick Use NURMS Subdivision. The set consists of decorative vases, eggs, roses, cage, bottle, head of a deer figurine, carafe, glass, glass, cupcakes, flasks, plates, cups, milk jug and a decorative dish. At the request of the workers - the model is saved to version 2011. Enjoy!