• SSSnayper 3 years ago
    Very perky ...! Super!
  • Fert2016 3 years ago
    Russian birch ...)) class! Can someone make a spring tree, when the foliage is no more, only a kidney?)
  • Aviato 3 years ago
    awesome tree!
  • Graphicus 3 years ago
    Super! You want to win the competition with their models! Keep it up!
    • rnax 3 years ago
      In fact, there is no purpose to win the competition. Just doing for fun :)
      • Yegor86 3 years ago
        and ETOGES like at some prog done? trees bushes ..... well, in the sense of some kind of plug-in?
        • rnax 3 years ago
          GrowFX, Speed ​​Tree, Plant Factory
  • gavai 3 years ago
  • Turbogang 3 years ago
    cool, very nice
  • Giorgio Andriani 3 years ago
    That's great!
  • Rostislav1985 3 years ago
    Awesome! and very important for our band! Thank you!
  • 115599aa 3 years ago
  • gzibon 3 years ago
    Thank you, good model!
  • rostikch 3 years ago
    Well done! 5 +++
  • alekserog 3 years ago
    Beautiful birch!
  • highmoon 3 years ago
    Good work! Good luck in the contest! ;))
  • Noin 3 years ago
    Beautiful, really important for our band
  • Zom6ie 3 years ago
    Well finally the usability of the first tree in the competition
  • Racer 3 years ago
    the best job at the moment
  • AskaProfessional 3 years ago
    I missed a phone 4 instead of 5: (((... a very good job, the best + 10
  • griphon 3 years ago
    Excellent model! Birch as the present. Thank you!
  • Олюша 3 years ago
    Luxury birch! Very good!!!
  • Tsvetkov 3 years ago
    A little sun warmed the slopes
    And it was warmer in the forest,
    Birch green braids
    He hung with thin branches
    • rnax 3 years ago
      Beautiful lines :) Thank you!
      • Tsvetkov 3 years ago
        Vs.Rozhdestvnsky wrote, saw and remembered)
  • gingerelena 3 years ago
  • nataligladii 3 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • nataligladii 3 years ago
    Very beautiful)
  • antonotto 3 years ago
    Biting only in the viewport in the crown, the leaves are not transparent;) a good tree. In one polik ...
  • Юр@ 3 years ago
    Thank you !!
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Birch Treepro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 66 MB
Date: 2017.02.10 08:09
Style: Ethnic
Material: Organics

3d model of a birch tree. height of about 7.5 meters, width of about 4 model is a single entity, is an appropriate name in English. (Birch) There are texture coordinates. Pivot at zero Materials only for Corona and V-ray leaves are made through the alpha channel Max2013 + OBJ Polys - 789,357 Verts - 1146497 Size max 42Mb file Excellent choice for the exterior surroundings Enjoy using :)