Ditre Italia Claire

                                    Ditre Italia Claire
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Corona)
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  • 2019.08.20 09:13
  • Modern
  • ditre, italia, claire, armchair, moscheri, ditreitalia, complementary
  • Ditre Italia Claire

    DESIGNER: DANIELE LO SCALZO MOSCHERI Beauty comes from a perfect shape: the circle, from which the Clair table and chair originate and by which they are inspired. The formal consistency of this project designs a tidy, relaxing setting full of personality. The load-bearing metal frames also originate from a circular shape, covered with prized, heavy-duty leather or soft leather, in harmony with the smoked or transparent glass of the table.

    DIMENSIONS chair W68 L70 H95 cm DIMENSIONS Table W180 L180 H75 cm 

    poly 59126 verts 34258

    The file created in 3ds max 2013 and can be opened in any compatible packages. Archive includes files with the extention .max, .fbx, .obj witn Corona renderer materials. (+ max 2016) Using: Open the file by double-clicking the left mouse button, and enjoy)) For use in a scene, use the command: File - Merge (File - Import for .obj, etc)

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