Sofa Biba Salotti CHARLIE

                                    Sofa Biba Salotti CHARLIE
  • 3dsMax 2012 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 58.98 MB
  • 2019.08.15 13:28
  • Modern
  • sofa, modular, pillows, plaid, velours, suede
  • Sofa Biba Salotti CHARLIE Sofa dimensions: 2820х1100х840 mm Unfolded sofa dimensions: 2820х1550х840 mm

    Link to the manufacturer’s website: 

    Units: Millimeters Render: Vray, Corona Formats: 3Ds Max 2012, OBJ

    When using a model in max format, enable the turbosmooth modifier. When using a model in obj format, add a turbosmooth modifier. ======================================== For those who work in a VRay version lower than 3.1, be careful, in the materials in the BRDF section there is Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is preferable for you. ======================================== For Corona render, it is recommended to install a version of at least 1.5, since the glossiness of materials is configured with PBR in mind.

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