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Doric Order Vignola

                                    Doric Order Vignola
  • 3dsMax 2015 + fbx (Corona)
  • 60.96 MB
  • 2019.08.08 21:12
  • Classic
  • order, arch, column, capital, pedestal, entablature, cornice, architrave, architecture, frieze, arcade, socket, triglyph, metope
  • The order is built according to the rules given by the Italian Renaissance architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola. Used literature: I.B. Mikhalovsky "Architectural forms of antiquity" 1949; O. Garneri "Orders of Civil Architecture" 1937 For the accuracy of the construction, the value of the Module is taken to be 1080 mm, so the model is quite large, with a total size of 46.35 x 16.93 x 27.36 m.

    The model includes a Doric order of two types: toothed and modular. Toothed - an arch without a pedestal, three-quarter columns. Modular - arch with a pedestal, freestanding columns with pilasters. You can vary these parameters and simulate various types of architectural porticoes. In a stand-alone order, the modifier stack is not collapsed to enable further entablature construction.

    - The model at the origin, the pivots of the objects in the center - Duplicate objects - instance - No groups - Normal is not inverted - X-form done - Textures and materials have correct names, without Cyrillic - There is no excess geometry

    Polygons: 369 907 Vertices: 384,909

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