• kolbasnikov 11 months ago
    In the name of the Emperor!
  • c3dm 11 months ago
  • lotok 11 months ago
  • Only53 11 months ago
    I applaud standing, kicking. Glory to the emperor!
    • rnax 11 months ago
      I applaud standing, feet of the emperor! To the glory of the family: D
  • Berg_Art 11 months ago
    very cool, cool model!
  • cclinic 11 months ago
    when I went to my grandmother)))
  • ck_petya 11 months ago
    Who does not put the stars, heretics !!!! )
  • drunk_hawk 11 months ago
  • Zom6ie 11 months ago
  • Filqwerty05 11 months ago
    lublu vuhamer 40,000 ...
  • BY-studio 11 months ago
    Cool, at first I thought that the icon on the chest)))
    • kolbasnikov 11 months ago
      There, in theory, there are icons, by itself in the setting of this universe. Inside this robot, a veteran warrior who was fatally wounded on the battlefield and imprisoned in this armor is connected to life support systems. For many centuries, these dreadnoughts participate in battles and for great services, their armor is covered with tablets with sveschenny texts in the name of God the machine and the Emperor. Something like this)) This is what I learned in brief about this combat unit) I hope the experts of the universe, do not shower me with slippers)
  • alina86surgut 11 months ago
    If the hare from "Well, wait a minute" was a transformer)))
  • nekrobul 10 months ago
    Watch your armor, and it will protect you.
    We will protect the rest with our lives.
    Your armor is your soul.
    And the dedication of your soul - armor.
    Warrior spirit keeps people
    Honor comes only in death.
    Only the Emperor is beyond our dedication.
    Honor the armor of the fallen.
    We - should only serve.
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Dreadnought Space Marinespro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 63 MB
Date: 2019.03.20 23:24
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

Dreadnought Space Marines

Dreadnought, ultramarines, space marines, space marines, robot

Dreadnought Space Marines.

Order - ultramarines.


Reference: Dreadnought of Space Marines is a large combat vehicle, driven by a respected space marines hero, whose body received wounds that are incompatible with life in combat.


197,000 polys