Duravit DuraSquare

                                    Duravit DuraSquare
  • 3dsMax 2015 + fbx (Corona)
  • 60.52 MB
  • 2018.08.20 13:44
  • Modern
  • dura square, console, basin, dorn bracht, tara, towel, mixer, marvelgems, atlasconcorde, glass inserts, dispencer, glass holder, mirror with illumination, glass shelves, towel holder
  • A set from the Duravit DuraSquare collection: Metal floor console with sink (073245) 450x350 mm Console metal floor with a shell (235360) 600х470 mm Console metal pendant with shell (235380) 800x470 mm


    2 colors of the console., 7 colors of glass shelves., 3 mirrors with illumination from the collection of L-Cube, corresponding to the sizes of the shells., 2 accessories from the Karree collection (dispenser and glass) Porcelain Granite Atlas Concorde Marvel 600x1200

    Mixer and siphon DornBracht Tara in three trim options. In the folder with the model you will find the library of materials for the fbx file. All objects with the correct grid, mapping and optimized as much as possible. Beautiful renderers, friends!

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